You're too Real

I have completely fallen in love with Tuomas and Anna Laitinen's spring/summer '09 collection above. Every garment has a piece of detail on it and it's mostly hidden at the back of the garment, and it adds that small touch of magic, and I'm just instantly craving for this collection.

Christian Wijnants spring/summer '09 collection above. It is simple that you feel the summer breeze washed all over the clothes, simply divine.

Arielle de Pinto masks, her unique brand of hand-crocheted jewelry was launched in 2007, a very beautiful interesting collection involving different formations of metalwork, and she is only twenty-three years old. When you look at the above picture you can almost feel the cold formation of the mask, and also it's weight. I wonder what I'd wear with this?Actually where I wonder where I would wear it to?

Source: Agentur V

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Lady Death said...

Those masks are amazing!