Romantic Snow

I want it to snow this Christmas. I know it's extremely early to be thinking about Christmas, but I was searching for this lovely song by Jaymay called Gray Or Blue, and came across this fan made video; and being an old romantic I thought it was sweet, and then my thoughts drifted on to Christmas. The youtube clip isn't the best of qualities but still admirable; it's from a film entitled Serendipity, which I haven't seen.

Timeless Elegance

Photographer: Scott Schuman

In both the above looks; I really like their sophistication and elegance in a blouse and high waisted trousers, but as you can tell, one woman has taken the safe, can't-go-wrong look, which does what it says on the tin, simple perfection, but the other woman, the first woman has acted beyond the call of duty and added her own signature pieces to the look, and has luckily made it look perfect even more so that it makes her appear like an interesting character. I wouldn't have guessed a huge gold and blue wasp on a belt could be a perfect accessory.

Casual Prep.

If you've never heard of the word preparatory, you may be surprised to know it is the long form word for preppie, you learn something everyday. Alexa is known for her preppie English school boy look, which she does manage to pull off perfectly. I really like her bag and almost flat shoes. I'm just wondering where I could get a bag like that without the Mulberry price tag. Hmm...


Photographer: Sacha Hilton

Comfortable Checks

It's weird that when I look at the second girl her style reminds me of my sister, without the comfy scarf and the leather long gloves. I really find knee high socks annoying, they never seem to stay up, so my theory is that only size 0 girls can wear them, but apparently the new trick is to wear suspenders and hide it under a huge, comfy looking checked coat i.e look number 2.

Looks to adorn inspiration.

1. Wear all black and wear coloured or patterned mittens to show your loving embracement of winter.
2. You can still rock the over comfortably warm winter look with the 90s padded coat, just add loafers.
3. Utilise your fashion awareness to add the 'wow' factor to a currently over done look.
4. The LB dress doesn't need accessories to look amazing, just add colourful amazing shoes; her umbrella has clouds!

Source: Hanneli

Juliette Hogan

Inspiring light, airy looks from New Zealand fashion week by Juliette Hogan for her a/w line.


My new shoes from Cos! I've reached a point where I've exhausted my mind from coming up with new ways of describing the beauty of these shoes without feeling like a broken record, which I didn't mind at first. In a nut shell, I'd have sleepless nights If I hadn't bought them, especially after seeing them in person! I've recently seen these other amazing shoes from Urban Outfitters by Surface To Air, which look a bit more casual than mine but equally enviable.

Warm Colours

There is something about warm, neutral colours that make people appear more inviting and friendly regardless of what they are doing.

Source: 1 & 3: The Sartorialist, 2: Turned Out


Amazing, I love everything about the above images. The typical all black winter layering, which becomes many peoples default look, yet who could blame them, you can't go wrong! The second model has cat flick eyes, I think to soften the dark look, which is cool. I also like the all white winter snow look, which is something you rarely see in the winter but it does add an uplifting, inspiring element to the doom and gloom of the cold winter months, but white garments can be a nightmare to take care of. If your into either looks but wouldn't go for both extremes there is a middle ground, with the all time classic black boots and floaty silk like dress, you can't go wrong in the cool brigade!

Françoise Madeleine Hardy

Hardy is a French iconic figure in music, fashion and style amongst being a singer and an actress. I was surprised to find out she is also an astrologer! My favourite song by Hardy is Tous les garçons et les filles; I also really like L'amitié and Mon amie la rose, I think her voice is beautiful and so are her lyrics.


I know I keep going on about her, but I can't help it. I just really like all the above looks by Margaret Howell for her a/w 09 collection shown at London Fashion Week. I love her use of light soft colours, adjacent to the typical dark winter colours. Though, her whole line isn't completely like this, but she provides Howell fans with two different looks to go for this winter; particularly if it doesn't turn out as cold as forecasted. I really like the use of silk in this line, it adds a soft, light feel to balance out the thick, heavy look of the coats or jumpers the models are wearing. Apparently, Alexa Chung is a fan of Howell and was sitting in the front row for this above show.

Sugar and spice and all things nice

I first saw Hannah Karina on Lj were on a image sharing forum entitled 'what I wore today' similar to Lookbook, and that was probably more than a year ago. I instantly loved her 1940s to 60s inspired looks; particularly how devote she was to the era. You could dissect her looks to actually realise that most her clothing pieces were of the 21st century and from a well known retailer, but it was when she put these pieces together that I instantly realised she was actually doing something more with her H&M cardigan, or Topshop earrings; she was taking them back into her wonderland world of the 40's and 60's and inviting onlookers to view her own interpretation of a time machine. From then on, I was quite happy whenever she posted her looks, just to be in awe of her perfect cat flick eyes and lipstick, or simply just how she managed to put contrasting colours, such as yellow and pink, to create an elegant refined look. Recently, I stumbled across her blog, An Aesthetic Fest, and felt an instant wave of relief that she had truly stayed rooted to the style I had grown to like about her.

Le voyage de Penelope

Masha Kirsanova is striking in this image; there is something light and angelic about her pose.

I bought an amazing pair of shoe boots from Cos that I have literally fell in love with. I will try and post an image of them; they are super comfortable considering how high they are. I also watched The September Issue, which was really good, it was really weird to watch high end designers crumble in the presence of Ms. Wintour, and to see how dependent so many people are on her views and opinion alone. I have to say, Grace Coddington, was the star of the show, she really added character and substance to the documentary. When you here people talk about Wintour as being an 'ice queen' it truely shows through her cold interactions with the people around here, and her constant need to keep closed off to those around her. If you like documentaries, and your interested about the world of Vogue and what happens behind closed doors in the fashion industry, then enjoy.

Source: photos de mode

New Moon

It's official the full trailer is out! To be honest I'm more excitied about this one than the last one; this one seems to have more action scenes and less, hopefully, of constant close ups of Bella and Edward's face. Don't get me wrong, they're both beautiful people, but my kind of films involve the plot being the selling point not the actors faces. According to MTV UK the film is out in the UK on the 20th November 2009, but other people are claiming it's out on the 27th.

Rock 'n' Roll

Photography: The Cobra Snake

The coolest hair style I've seen recently.  Short hair is so overated, haha, so I had to keep the balance plus I couldn't resist.


The first two images are by The Sartorialist and I'm not sure where the third one is from. Patent shoes are a no go area in my opinion for both men and women, and that's why I can't say I'm in love with the third image. However, everything else she is wearing, I want. The second woman shows that you don't have to layer all black garments to look amazing in all black, if I'm honest I think it's her hair that adds to the 'amazingness' of the look! The first woman shows you don't have to be donned in black to look cool in winter, which is something I try to stress when all  my inspiration appears to be black and white; I love her combination of brogues, rolled up trousers and I assume my newly hated blazer, The Jersey Blazer, that looks good on her. I don't know why I didn't write that in order of image.

Self note: 2nd year do not live in jeans!

I'm After the Perfect Coat.

I've currently got my eye on one in Gap that's waist high, which doesn't really bother me, BUT my sister doesn't think it suits me!

More Fall looks

I can definitely see myself reinterpreting some of the above looks. I can't remember whose lookbook they are from, which is actually quite bad. What I can say is the designer(s) are not very well known.


Claudia Schiffer is nearly 40 and has two children! I wouldn't have guessed. Apparently the above images haven't been retouched, 
which I think more celebrities should be demanding. I think by ignoring the matter they are accepting the consequences of young people
who look up to them, to be aspiring to look like their retouched images.

Winter looms

What is there not to love? Even though these runway images by Isabel Marant may be old, I still view them as inspirational from the colours and the combination of garments in one look. 

Source: ofablonde

The City.

Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo looking amazing. The images of Whitney Port are from her first ever runway show as a designer for her s/s 09 line, and the first image of Olivia is a spread she did for vogue, I really think it was the best image that captured her on screen persona. I'm growing to like ankle grazers, worn in the last image, they are flattering with flat or in Olivia's case high heels.

Source: Hills Freak


I really like both of these looks; especially the woman on the right, I just really want her skirt. According to altamira, my source, the woman on the left is wearing all Marc Jacobs, but they don't state where that long skirt is from. The woman on the right reminds me of blogger Arvida and Anna from The OC.


Model: Eva Herzigova
Magazine: Tatler UK August 09
Photographer: Marc Hom

Why I'm a fan of Eva Herzigova and stripes.

Source: Tony Fersen


Remember this Alexa Chung look; how magazines and papers were now calling it the Queens style, which apparently was suppose to be 'in' after these images were sent to the press? Well, it's my favourite Alexa Chung look. It was a very different look for her at the time, it seemed more formal and 'grown up' than most her other patterned, bright looks; which doesn't bother me.

Source: tfs