The wedding of the century

I was one of the millions of unfortunate souls who believed the hype about the wedding of the future king of England (sounds weird!) being lavish and extravagant, even though the bride and the groom didn't look the type. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised how demure and modest the whole day was.

Catherine Middleton looked amazing, despite my initial reaction being 'omg her dress is really out-dated' but that reaction quickly faded to 'wow, she looks amazing.' I think I speak for every wedding viewer when I say that Pippa Middleton looked equally amazing in her bridesmaid dress, some people even think she took the spotlight from the bride, but I think it's only because no one expected her to wow us like she did.

I'm not a royalist so I liked how "human"/relatable the royal family appeared at this wedding, it did honestly just look like a normal upper middle class wedding (minus a few things e.g. the guest list).

Matthew Parris wrote a brilliant article in The Times today (25/04/2011) on the whole day's event entitled: In the monarchy game, only the bland survive.

I just can't help myself

The really cute dog pictured above belongs to a very close family friend, his name is Bramble and the photo was taken after he had been shaven for the summer: you should have seen the before image, he's a changed dog. My family have never liked the idea of owning a dog, but I love teasing them about how I'll own at least two one day! :)

The ballet pumps are from Gap and they are suede and really strong, I love them! The green and white striped crop tee is not mine it's my sisters but I like it too -it's from Urban Outfitters.

I love the above grey jacket, it's my summer jacket but it is a bit too big for me -notice the slightly rolled up sleeves, its a great tip to make a jacket look less bulky. My H&M bag (which I carry as a clutch bag) covers the collars which are cool, and I like how the jacket stops waist height, and the soft grey colour. There's a guy in one of my lectures who slightly has the hearts for me who has a similar jacket (cringe!) but I look so much better in it, even he knows it. lol

The row of shoes from left to right: Gap, Zara, Converse (I've stopped wearing them due to age of the shoes), and Zara. I bought the above amazing coral (another soft colour) trousers from Gap recently, just because of the colour and they are summer perfect.

By the way, I'm voting 'Yes to AV' partly because of this article by Charlie Brooker.


My inspirational celebrity woman of 2011 has to be Angelina Jolie.

Jolie is not only a mother to a small brooding army of children, but she is also a devoted humanitarian aid worker. What makes her more amazing is that she doesn't get have an army of nannies to look after her children, or she doesn't just send money to poor countries and hope it reaches the right people, but she actually puts in the time and hard work to look after her children and help poor parts of the world, with the help of Brad Pitt of course.

I don't know what first got me really interested in Jolie,because I've never shown any interest in her prior to 2011, but I don't think this amazement with her and what she does will change anytime soon.

I want this book by Ines de la Fressange!

The open road.

This post is for those who feel I've neglected them in their hour of blogging need. :)

Four French men on custom-made motorcycles they made (online shop) on the open road (and they do tricks!). Am I mad? No, but madly in love! I will learn how to ride one, one day!! The amazing song is by The Felice Brother's and I think it's called Frankie.

Is anyone else trying to avoid the whole Prince William and Kate Middleton formal circus like wedding affair??!! I have nothing against the couple, this annoyance is more vented towards the media...Note to self: do not read The Times leading up to the 29th -the most ridiculously obsessed newspaper.

Edit: I apologise for the excessive use of the exclamation mark.

To be highly, often subtly attractive

I'm really liking the above soft colours at the moment. I think people who are colour shy ie. who on occasion indulge in bright primary colours: soft colours are your summer colours. You do get bright soft colours but, in my opinion, they are less irritating than bright bold colours which always tend to be worn in a daringly disappointing style.

Ok so you've probably noticed I haven't been blogging for a while and I put that down to being very busy with uni work, though I've also become disheartened with fashion. I rarely have time to follow up on other blogger who are doing so many more amazing things that my blog could do in a lifetime, so I honestly appreciate all my followers.

A note to those who follow me: my posts will be sporadic, but concise.

By the way, the above collection is from Brioni's s/s 11 collection (do check it out, it's inspiring!). The above woman is unsurprisingly a model, her name is Arlenis Sosa.


source: Elle

There is something ultra brilliant about all the above looks and I want to copy something from all of them. :)

I found this article on The Guardian's website which was funny with the unnecessary, sensational headline: Carine Roitfeld falls out of love with fashion.

I will do an items post but probably after the 20th.

Summer shorts

I like both these shorts by Twenty8Twelve.

Style note: try wearing a white blouse or a white shirt with shorts.

The next best thing to shoes.

source: scott schuman; streetfsn; pink bag; yellow bag.

There should be a blue and a green bag somewhere above.

I bet you're still using the same bag you used in the winter, and what's worse is that you think it's okay, no one will notice or care. Well, once you put it aside and pull out a lighter, brighter bag everyone will notice how much summery your looks are, even if you're wearing the same clothes you wore with your weighty winter bag, plus you'll feel more summery. :)

Does anyone have any cool (yes uni hasn't advanced my vocabulary) bold coloured summer bags?


Michael Kos Spring 2011 collection has made me want to get wide-legged trousers!!

The above images remind me of Margaret Howell (particularly the trench coat looks), and Chloe.

I really like the wedge shoes in this collection and I have a soft spot for formal summer looks (it's rare to see such looks on the street).

The woman.

The perfect casual dress and skirt looks just as amazing as an evening skirt or dress.

I want to find that perfect casual summer skirt, I think I've got the dress.

It's just a minor formality.

This is more an autumn look but I do really like the Chanel style jacket, anyway it inspired me to create the above formal look to wear to a formal event for my course (the jacket I have is from Zara, and is black/white), which unfortunately didn't happen in London as pre-planned and I ended up being unable to attend.

Great news, I past my driving test on Monday, now all I need is a car! :)

I have an embarrassing addiction to this song found on my sister's iPod: Alexis Jordan - Happiness.

What do you feel like doing?

source: ralph lauren.

When I think of Ralph Lauren, I think of an extremely high-end, slightly pretentiously tacky version of Gap. Having said that, I do like the above looks because they are minimal but have an overall subtle Ralph Lauren style factor. I like the white trilby with the blue ribbon, the white blazer paired with denim shorts, the white floppy hat, the cropped blue trousers paired with the beige jacket and the white dress against the tan brown bag. Unfortunately my opinion hasn't changed about the designer, regardless of the above looks and the amazing street style images by Scott Schuman of both men and women who work at Ralph Lauren.

I think Ralph Lauren, to me, may be one of those designers who you can't help but question how they put their looks together and some of the items in their collection which stops you from liking them, until you go into one of their stores and fall in love with singular items.

Walking on air.

The first four images are taken from Max Azria's s/s11 collection and I love the floaty, light, airy and summery nature of the looks. I also like how the clothes hang very loosely and delicately against the models frame, which I guess creates the floaty and light element.

The above two images are from Gap's s/s11 collection, I don't know if that surprised you are not but the high-street can do floaty, light, airy and summery (to some degree).

Colour: Pt. 2

[click image to enlarge]

I plan on doing a post on all the items (surprisingly with colour, minus shoes) I've bought.

I love the bright colours in the above images: very inspirational.