1. Anna, designer
    El Delgado Buil coat, Burberry bag, Comme des Gar├žons shoes, Ann-Sofie Back tights and Vibskov hat
2. Toni de Almeida, stylist
    shirt and blazer by Toni de Almeida, Cheap Monday jeans and Balenciaga shoes
3. Jo, stylist
    hat from a charity shop, jacket from a vintage market in Berlin, top from Topshop, trousers from Deptford Market, Russel & Bromley shoes    and Mulberry bag.
4. Richard, profession fashion
    Burberry coat, All Saints t-shirt, vintage boots, Marc Jacobs gloves and Topshop trousers.
5. L.S.C., writer
    coat from Patricia Field Boutique, Russian Navy shirt, Turnboo & Asser suspenders, pants are part of a 40ies tuxedo by Moss Bros, Geoffrey    West shoes and spats from the US military academy West Point.

Source: styleclicker

Michael Jackson

I never managed to do a music review of one of my all time icons, but I think it would have sounded something like this:

Who was this iconic figure that many felt closely related to? To this day, I don't think anybody will ever truly understand what this overly humble human being sacrificed when opening the doors of his talent to the general public. He once said he felt more comfortable on stage than giving an interview; the stage was a place in which you could see him come to life; every suppressed emotion in his daily life was relinquished through dancing and screaming his lungs out and we all loved it; it was raw, surreal, passionate and above all, real. In my opinion, I think his military exterior was an image he used to portray power, confidence and heroism; characteristics he so longed for in his personal life. I would assume when it came close to the end of a long music video, everyone apart from Michael was excited to leave the set. Reminding us how human he was, Michael clearly began to become corrupted by the fame, such as the fact he appeared to be on the verge of proclaiming, just like the Beatles, he was bigger than Jesus. Just before his crown began to slip, he began creating statues of himself and appeared to be relishing in the images of screaming fans shouting his name whilst clearly on the verge of melt down, for example watch this. I wouldn't categorise myself as one of these fans, but I definitely understand them. When I watch his videos I get lost in his fantasy world of gang fighting dancers, a world drunk on equality and the magic that was his madness. Long live the music and the spirit of the King of Pop!

Off The Wall

How cool is she?!!

Source: sofie

Flower Bud

How amazing are these summer dresses! Very extravagant, beautiful and summery. All the above dresses are by Erin Fetherston for her Spring 2009 line.

The Fruitful Composition

My third of five summer plans for the summer:

3. Enrich and expand my mind through the realms of reading.

The above images consist of; Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Allen Ginsburg. To see the rest of my summer plans just
click on the tag below entitled 'summer plans.' Oh, if you've got any book recommendations comment me.

Source: Google images

Mystery Man - Case Closed

I posted an image of the above gentleman a while back, which you can view, here. I have now found out, thanks to Carolina, that his full name is Stefano Pilati and with a bit of extra research, his an established Italian designer who has worked for Yves Saint Laurent.

I was and I still am a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but somehow I don't know why, but the constant press and media attention has been bothering me to the extent I don't want to hear anything more about his death. I partly think, I'm thinking like this because it is the same media attention that has crippled his life and caused him so much stress, that not even in his death is he allowed the privacy his deserves, so I kept the previous entry short and sweet :)

You Are Not Alone

Source: Google images

U.O Sale

Most highstreet retailers are having their summer sale right now, which is great for us, seeing as summer has just begun, but it means they'll be shipping in the new autumn/winter line, which i can't wait to see in H&M, but for the moment I'll continue to embrace the summer weather and the sales that come with it. All the above images are from the UK Urban Outfitters online sale that I thought I would share with you, can I also point out, as in all sales 90% of awful and should be illegal to sell.

J'adore La France

My second of five summer plans for the summer:

2. Learn French

Considering I'm going to France some time in the holidays, and I also took French on as an additional language course at uni and then gave it up after a few months, due to not having time to put enough focus into it. I've always wanted to be able to speak French fluently, I think it's one of the most beautiful languages. To see the rest of the plans just click on the tag below this entry entitled 'summer plans.'

Source: jakandjil

Me Comprendre

Amazing images by Claudia Grassl, the first image is from her fashion photography and the second image is from her portraits. That Mickey Mouse image is so cool! Both images appear to be menacing, the first image reminds me of Patti Smith and also Charlotte Gainsbourg, who I both admire, but I just like everything about the image.

Summer Brezze

I can't help but love this rare summer weather England is experiencing, so I had to look for more summer style inspiration from the street. The amazing shredded shorts in the second image are from Urban Outfitters! I love the sleeveless dress in the first image, the woman looks very bohemian. I really like the colours of the clothes of the woman in the fourth image and the way in which she has clearly orchestrated her outfit in a simple and breezy way, and I envy her earphones. The man in the above image looks a tad bit cocky, but I like how is trying to capture his youthful side with his converse which I love the colour of, it perfectly suits his outfit.

Source: taken by Craig Arend

Summer Dear

I plan to post five of my summer plans:

1. Buy a bicycle

"I've got a bike
You can ride it if you like 
It's got a basket 
A bell that rings 
And things to make it look good 
I'd give it to you if I could 
But I borrowed it." - Pink Floyd

Source: ???

Alexa Chung

I don't know why I'm infatuated with her style and image, but I think it's her whole persona and her character that brings out the clothes she wears, making her seem comfortable and happy with who she is regardless of her insecurities, that many of us are still shocked she has, considering every magazine is hailing her as a British modern icon for women. I have to admit I do spend half my time slating her for her apparent love of the camera, and the way in which she appears to have the media wrapped around her little finger; yet I don't know if that's just me wanting to find something to not like her for. 

Savant S/S'09

Bottega Veneta

I'm pretty sure this is spring/summer '09 but the source says '10...anyway this is the line of Bottega Veneta which has, I think, every element you would look for in a mens clothing line for the summer. The solitary, non-embrassive (not a word!) of summer man, you have the dark sombre look (image 1 and 2). For the smart casual important look (image 5 and 6), which is achieved through messy hair, no socks, open shirt, a loosely buttoned blazer and a loosely fitted tailored suit that finsihes the look with a breathable element. Then you have the 'out-of-office' look, which involves the use of; creased garments, the half tucked in shirt, tailored colourful pullover/jacket, comfortable looking summer trousers, a ridiculously oversized man bag that just happens to perfectly slide into the colour palette puzzle that is mens wear, and your off for the perfect day at the gentleman's club. Genius!

Source: fashionising