Be bold.

"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream."
"You never know what the next moment will bring. Be open, stay positive... Follow your heart..."
"Be nice to everyone. Be friends with a few. Trust one person: yourself!!!"
My new year speech: This blog has been the perfect way for me to vent out my inspiration from other bloggers, and having blog followers has merely been the cherishable icing on the cake. I'd like to wish you all the best for 2011 and the future ahead. This was a random decision to make now but I've been thinking about it for a while and that is to take a long break from blogging, but I hope it's not the end. I've left you all with three inspiring quotes by Carine Roitfeld that I intend to carry on into the new year.
By the way my blog post title is my 2011 style note hence the vibrant inspirational images, thank-you for following my blog!! :)

Time survives in my head.

I really like all the above looks; simple, minimal yet perfect in their own way.
"The Sober Look" which I entitled, is taken from The Order Obsessed blog.

A beautiful editorial by La Garconne entitled "Lou".
You can view my post on La Garconne's fall and pre-fall collection HERE.

All the lights that led the way were blinding.

Thakoon (top left and right) and Preen (bottom left and right) pre-fall 2011, plus an editorial image and a street style image.
It's still really cold so my style is still attracted to warm coats, jumpers and anything that looks like it could swallow you whole. I really want the green coat with the brown pockets by Thakoon; I'd never stop wearing it. The really big sheepskin, grey coat by Preen looks like it would feel less warm than it looks but I love the styling with the knee-length skirt and socks/heels. I want a large clutch bag like the above black one by Preen.

Great music video from a pretty cool band.

The footage is taken from a 1970's Swedish film called "En kärlekshistoria".


The woman with the enviable soft orange coloured heels has the a really nice poka dot playsuit, and I like how she accompanied it with a brown scarf and a dark navy blue boyfriend style blazer. I need more skirts of a wider variety of lengths and patterns; I like high-waisted skirts with pockets.
My Christmas was great; I celebrated part of it with my extended family on the 24th and then celebrated it on the actual day with my immediate family. Close to the end of the day we had a long debate of what film to watch and we finally settled, reluctantly on the Sound of Music which everyone was singing dreadfully along to... :) ...and then my sister started Googling the ages of some of the actors -it happens everytime we watch it. :)
My Christmas holidays are largely being spent on uni work and catching up with friends; I've hardly been out clothes shopping, for myself, in ages but the January sales have started early, which is exciting, due to the daunting VAT rise. I will do a post of my stuff soon... :)

Open on the 25th December...

I bought a little black strapless dress for Christmas, so much for the post below. :)
-I hope you have a great Christmas day!

Different people have different peculiar tastes.

My new Christmas and New Years outfit look inspiration, because dresses are so last year. :)
To be honest, my sensitivity to the weather has made me feel a bit bleak and more eager to maintain my health; hence the warm element in my inspiration; look 3 is from the a/w collection of Maje Paris.
I've finally got a polka dot skirt (I'll post images and of other items), I want to get polka dot trousers like the ones in image 2, or these.
Look 1, from Vogue US 1995, unecessariliy highlights my 60's obsession, and I like the strutured yet fun element of look 4.

Everybody was well dressed.

I'm partially hibernating in chunky jumpers, scarfs and wearing socks with tights;I get cold so easily.
The only look that isn't warm is the Ports 1961 look; I really like the plum colour and how minimal the look is.
If only the weather could compensate us for the travel problems and ruined plans it's created, and so near to Christmas.
I really like this song at the moment: Only by Coma Cinema. :)


source: streetfsn and mode.

Coats are the ultimate statement pieces in winter and the above images, in my opinion, are conclusive of that.

I'm not a huge fan of the colour red but the above coat is amazing, and a man with a waist-belt never looked so good! :)


source: oh fashion model, streetfsn and coute que coute.
Have a great weekend!!

It meant everything to her.

I really like the above dresses from Net-a-porter, and I would love to find cheaper, similar versions of them; the Paul & Joe Sister dress (classic LBD) is the one that requires the most thinking when pairing accessories and shoes with BUT because it's black you can't really go wrong unless the accessories clash or are too much. Nonetheless, I don't think you have to wear a dress on New Year's day if you don't feel comfortable in one, hence the really cool look on the left which you could replace the shoulder bag with a clutch bag. I think the coolest women tend to be the ones who break the coventional mould of a body-con dress and 5 inch heels.


I've never really understood the infatuation with over knee-high boots until I saw a girl wearing them, they looked amazing.


Issue #2 of Zara's Magazine: I'm really tempted to re-create the first look but I need a long grey skirt. The black cropped jumper with the high-waisted skirt links in with my previous post but I guess the above look is for a more older woman due to the length of the skirt, but it's still a nice, warm minimal look. I also like the leopard print look even though I'm not a huge fan of animal print. You can view the magazine in full HERE.

An expensive winter.

Jumpers look perfect over skirts and it doesn't matter if it's a wool skirt, a leather skirt or a silk skirt; add gloves and a scarf and you won't look daft wearing opaque tights.

I can't get my mind off these trousers, HERE. I was so close to buying a similar pair from Whistles, but I'm saving my money for Xmas presents (I'm one of those last minute buyers) and driving lessons.

Has everyone else sorted out what they're wearing for Xmas and New Years Day? I'm not yet sure but for some reason, I always feel New Years Day deserves the best look.


L: ph. by Arvidabystrom. R: Dior Homme for The Block magazine.

I just have three things to say:

1. The above quote (which you're suppose to conclude yourself) is from a Channel 4 drama called Any Human Heart. I watched the first episode recently having read an enticing review about it in The Sunday Times and it's really good; you can read about it and view it HERE.

2. Toby Jones is not just a brilliant photographer (first image on the left), he is also an amazing men's jeweler, and I would love to own a piece from his Lonely Hearts Club collection (you should also read the description of the collection at the bottom of the page).

3. I finished reading How Proust Can Change Your Life (I bought it because of the author and I've always been intrigued by Marcel Proust) and it was definitely worthing purchasing. It's made me want to attempt to read Proust's epic novel, In Search of Lost Time, which is seven volumes long! Proust is a very interesting and funny man, for instance, this is his view on friendship: "[friendship is in the end no more than] a lie which seeks to make us believe that we are not irremediably alone." This coming from a man who had countless friends in high places. :)

My heart can't wait to meet you on the other side.

I like the above looks from MSGM's fall/winter collection.

I love the above looks from MSGM's pre-fall collection!

I've got to let go.

I'm getting bored of wearing layers of clothing and socks with tights just to keep warm, so I can't help but admire looks with soft, light clothes whilst hoping it doesn't snow over night (I hate ice).

The second image is of blogger, Shine by three, you can see the rest of her looks HERE.

Scott Schuman posted a street style image of a woman wearing a coat I bought last year from H&M, it's the last image HERE.

Alexa Chung talks about style.

Sweet Jane.

I've been listening to The Kinks, Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground a lot recently, which may explain my third (one and two) post on the 60s'; I hope you don't mind.

It didn't also help that I stumbled across images of Giambattista Valli's a/w 10 collection, which was clearly influenced by the 60's woman; from the hair and make-up to the length of the skirts. I instantly fell in love with the collection, particularly with the three looks posted above.

I found out that The Velvet Underground song Femme Fatale was the result of Andy Warhol making a suggestion to Lou Reed to write a song about Edie Sedgwick.

We can't live if we're too afraid to die.

1. Amazing look by a blogger I've previously mentioned and just discovered, Vanilla Scented. I love her perfect balance of white and black that is normally unconventional for a winter look.

2. I could not pass this winter without sneaking in the famous image of Mick Jagger in his fur coat by Daivd Bailey; he (M.Jagger) totally believed he was God's gift to woman kind and you can tell.

3. Sparkly shoes! I think every girl would like a pair to see the new year in. :)

There was more going on.

Left: vanilla scented. Right: stockholm streetstyle.

I really like the above two looks; simple yet stunning.

I've been stuck in my flat today, unwilling to leave unless in need of food due to the immense snow. To by pass time I've been sitting near my radiator with regular refills of tea, reading between one of two books; How Proust can change your life by Alain De Botton (which I got today through the post; it has a pretty front cover) and The Velvet Underground peeled by Rob Jovanovic. I'm also completely in love with Dylan Moran, an Irish comedian who is part creator of the wonderful comedy that is Black Books. Sofia Coppola has a film out called Somewhere which I'd like to see after hearing the somewhat rave reviews it's got, plus I loved the Miss Dior Chérie ad that she did.

I just want to turn you down.

Top left: Scott Schuman; right: Jak & Jil. Bottom left: Stockholm Streetstyle; right: Oh Fashion Model.

I love the colours in the first two looks which coincidentally, they both happen to be wearing grey and camel, and in a similar way but I love the second woman's red bag with her look and the first woman's trousers with the heels.

If it wasn't really cold in England, I think there would be a huge slouchy jumper craze.