Jump in the pool

Photography by Thomas Giddings

Wang: Summer 09

I've see some of these everywhere, and some are new to me, but I do expect to see them everywhere. The baggy sweater which fashiontoast has is $595, the motorcycle jacket which I've seen every celebrity wear is $1,430. Reasonable or extortionate price, you can't help but think Wang as a masterful genius in a workshop. Nearly clothing item is 100% silk which justifies the price tage and you get a real sense of a designer who loves their job, when you look over his collections. I'm off to do revision, which I should have started earlier, so no more entries from today, promise!

Source: Revolve

J'aime Les Hommes

Model: Vincent Lacrocq

J'aime Les Garçons

Model: Casey Taylor: young, pretty and vulnerable; older and handsome.

Take me With you

When I go back home, which I can't wait, the first purchase I hope to make is on a beautiful bike, and then I can give it name and we can go everywhere together. Just two weeks and three more exams. I don't think pink is my colour, but that first bike is so pretty and girly. Hahaha!

Listening: Ellie Goulding - The Wolves (Bon Iver cover).

Summer Wind

Photography by Sonny Vandevelde
Model: Iekeliene Stange's 
Source: Hint 

someday my pain

Photography by Foster Huntington

Wandering I Go

"From my seat I see the fields move by, colours strong- it's been a long, long time. I lean back and let my eyes just go, floating where they want to float. They seem to take to the horizon. Now I know there is a world beyond the small place I was coming from. I feel at home here in the middle of nowhere." - Kings of Convenience

Drenched in Thirst

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DIY or Lazy option? Lazy option, so where do I get my grubby hands on this shoe improver. 

(I don't always talk to myself, only to get a point across, really? Yes!)

Blissful Islands

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The first image is of Karl Lagerfeld who was spotted in Nice Airport carrying a Karl Who? bag. Very cool, I like the DIY look about it, the fact he doesn't care it may be tarnishing his hard edge look and more importantly he hasn't opted for some designer, expensive bag! I guess if any celebrity was to be branding a bag like that it would just be hilariously cool, because their always in the media more than royality! If I could afford it, I would so buy that Lagerfeld bag just so I can do what that model is doing! Love him.

Goodybye Johnny

I had to put these images on my blog, well the ones I like, they make me smile. You can see the lust in Hammond's eyes for Deyn, it's romantically sweet. You can find all the images here.

Aggyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr., I like him more than I like his girlfriend, who sometimes comes across as attention seeking, but I have to admit her style is quite cool at times, when it's natural, and not for cameras. I'm not surprised about the splitting not long after this valentine's photo shoot for Vogue 2009 February issue, because most celebrities go through husbands and wives like we replace out toothbrushes, every three months? Anyway, back to my point, now imagine a young talented couple, how long did you expect it to last?! I'm quite surprised Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have lasted this long, but I guess it's because only one of them is talented. I'm sorry it had to be sad! Agyness Deyn has a new boyfriend, and his cool, but not as cool as A.H.Jr.

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Dusty Dreamer

This is what I want to try and pull off as an evening wear. May be not so much the way Niaomi Campbell is wearing her black ensembles, which I think is amazing, but definitely Rachel Bilson, Deyn and Childhood Flames (the middle person) are inspirational. Childhood Flames made her skirt from a previous dress she had, I'm thinking of doing the same thing with a really nice black designer dress I have.

I think when I get bored of wearing black, i'll move onto a different colour like Tilda Swinton. Totally off topic but how cool does M.K.Olsen look?


I'm in love with this period in time in which the film is set, the Old English manor house style. I couldn't imagine anyone better than Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy, whose acting in The Last King of Scotland is amazing. I really liked the way in which al the actors and actresses were styled. The green dress, as pictured above, was mesmerising when it made it's first apperance on the film, I was literally thinking 'Kiera Knightley has a figure a lot of women would kill for' but can I just point out she is naturally thin and she used to despise her figure, but like any insecurity you should aim to see it's true beauty and enhance it rather than let it eat at you.