I bought the above underwear from Muji recently; Muji has always been one of my favourite shops and I'm surprised I've only just got around to proclaiming it.

I love everything about the above stockholm street style look; if I saw her I'm pretty sure I would be tempted to ask her where she got her cardigan from.

I've officially lost the halloween spirit; I thought last year it was just a phase but I now see no point to it but I plan to spend the evening over indulging in food and watching Hocus Pocus.

Channeling Chanel.

Hamish Bowles's apartment is fashion splendid as is the man himself.

The first model image is of Charlotte Kemp Muhl; I think the image perfectly goes with the Parisian/Coco Chanel influences in this post.

I love the image of Sasha Pivoarova taken from Vogue US Nov 2010; her refined and sleek look is definitely Coco Chanel, and I actually like the haircut but just in this particular image.

.I can't give it up.

I would like a jumper like the one from Monki; I like my pockets.

The ultimate of all ultimate jumpers is the amazing light beige one pictured at the top on the right; I also like how the model's wears it in a boyish way. Chanel Iman's jumper is technically a coat but it still looks amazing especially with the red gloves.

Whilst wishing for items, I would purchase the above Carin Wester boots from Urban Outfitters and wear it with the jumper from Monki (or the beige one) -I wouldn't care what I wore underneath.

I'm really liking this song: The XX - Infinity


Freja Beha Erichsen and Christian Brylle

My two favourite off-duty street style models just happen to both be from Denmark and photographed together; apparently they're really good friends.

Freja has 16 tattoos among them are "serendipity is life" on the back of her arm; and "this world tonight is mine" inscribed on her right wrist. Vogue described her as being surprisingly shy, reserved and defensive about her privacy.

Christian has a charming James Dean air about him in his photos, and I like his cool laid-back sense of style, check him out HERE.

s/s 2011

Top left and right: Arkis. Bottom left: Rochas; right: Margaret Howell.

Couldn't resist.


source: streetfsn

I have nothing to add to the amazing street style looks posted above, the images speak for themselves.

The above sentimental lyrics do not feature all the verses but I hope you like the lines enough to read it in its entirety; it's Bob Dylan being emotionally strung up over a woman.

I will be seeing this amazing man live in November -if only I could exchange the last two words for 'in Paris'. :)

Promises, they break before they're made.

All images except the bottom left image are taken from: The Sartorialist.

The blazer / The plimsolls: I have a really nice oversized blazer I've never worn. :/

I've been wearing a black jersey blazer from Gap and my really old Converse a lot; my Converse make me feel at one with The Strokes, who I adore, hence the blog title which is a lyrical quote taken from my favourite video and song; Someday. :)

Fashions autumn blues...

Top left: Columbine Smille; right: Scott Schuman. Middle left: columbine smille; right: style.com. Bottom left: inside am-lul's closet; right: stockholm streetstyle.

My favourite look by far has to be the top image on the right; I honestly want to know her inspiration behind the amazing colour combinations. Most of the other looks center around how to keep fashionably warm, minus Rumi's 70's Californian boho look.

When it comes to a/w I get really cold and hot easily, for instance, I'll leave my flat in preparation for ice cold conditions and then minutes later I end up burning up, and this fluctuates throughout the day depending on my activity; so I tend to only wear thin jumpers, scarfs and gloves. The thought of dressing like Gala, bottom image on the left, or the runway image from Reed Krakoff's fall collection makes me burn up even though it looks comfortable; I would definately go for either looks by blogger Columbine Smille.

The new colours of autumn.

I'm temporarily bored of looking at dull colours.

Nothing but you.

Top left: luluandyourmom; right: style.com. Bottom left: fashion gone rogue; right: garance dore.

My first post in ages and I couldn't help but reinstate my new found autumn love of leather gloves; I'm probably the only blogger weird enough to do so.

The image on the top left is from a 1999 Russian editorial in Vogue which I really liked in it's entirety; you can view it HERE. I also like the editorial underneath that image which featured in Marie Claire Italia Oct 2010; it was slightly too commercial and unsubtle in it's love of Paris but it was still inspirational -view HERE.

Boring personal life: my last year at uni and I'm the only girl in my class, my two close friends got placements and another girl, who kept to herself, changed course. So far, the change hasn't really mentally set in; partly because of all the work I've been offloaded with having missed my first week of uni (long story) plus the fact I get on well with most of the guys.

I don't believe anyone feels the way I do about you now.

The runway look is from Jil Sander's s/s 2011 collection.

I really, really like all these looks; my favourite look is the girl in the brown trilby (image below) I want to know more about her; where she's going and her influences.

I watched The Song of Lunch on TV recently and it was amazing; it is a drama in a beautiful poetic form.

I also, unwillingly, got introduced to Ryan Adams cover of Wonderwall and I can't stop playing it.

During my summer holidays I read quite a lot of books; some of the books inspired me and/or altered my view of life. I read Andre Agassi's autobiography, which has been highly rated on Amazon and got a big thumbs up from Jonathan Ross, the book for me was deeply inspirational in an emotional way. The way in which he talks about his life and mental journey of becoming the man he is today makes you feel every bit apart of it.

"I close my eyes and say: Control what you can control. I say it again, aloud.
Saying it aloud makes me feel brave. I shut off the water and stand, shivering. How much easier it is to be brave under a stream of piping hot water. I remind myself, however, that hot-water bravery isn't true bravery. What you feel doesn't matter in the end; it's what you do that makes you brave." - Andre Agassi, Open.

I'm taking a break from blogging; it's not goodbye but see you soon. :)

To be or not to be Olivia Palmero?

When small fashion labels start copying the style of a famous person that's when you know the famous persons next step will be to bring out their own label; particularly if their unofficial/unendorsed clothing collection sells well; as was the case for Alexa Chung, now it's the turn of Olivia Palmero. I don't know which came first Olivia Palmero's style on The City or Australian label Secret Squirrel's a/w collection but their collection is very similar to Olivia Palmero's fashion and hair style. By the way, I do like Olivia's style, I think it's very befitting to her character/nature which makes her looks even more admirable, plus there is no great secret to good style it's really just about confidence; the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin.

It's the age of austerity.

Items vary from: Monki, The Row, Topshop, COS, Pamela Love, Klanningar & Tunikor and more.

I promised my sister I would do a post on what sort of items I'm liking this winter -the above collage is not definitive but it is of the moment.

The only items missing from the above are: a high-waisted skirt, a full skirt like this to wear under an oversized jumper and a forest green coloured item.

When it comes to style I like to keep my looks casual, boyish but more importantly simple. I have a tendency of rolling the sleeves up of anything I wear -my sister pointed it out. I also tend to keep most of my colours in scarf's, jackets/coats or the bags I carry.


Black and camel: The first look is from Zara's 'October Woman' and the two images next to that look are from Whistles a/w collection; I really like the length of the trench coat and how it fits the model and I also like the cape coat, I've seen quite a lot of cape coats but none that I've really liked.

The bottom image on the left is of the model Hanne Gaby Odiele and I really like the entire look particularly her coat. The burgundy bag next to the image of Hanne is a bag I bought from Zara; it's really spacious inside and it goes well with my green trench coat.