Unapologetically Yours

One of my new found favourite independent film actors, Louis Garrel. Garrel nearly always plays a chic affluent young French man, and his characters are always smoking, which I'm not sure reflects his real life, but he is definitely a chic affluent French man off-screen. He is Robert Patterson to the French and to me, his father is a well-known prestigious director in the independent French film world, which would explain why Garrel is an actor. I'm currently attempting to bid for a dvd in which he stars in, the film is called Ma mere and is a French film based on a George Bataille novel, that is posthumous and controversial. The first image is a still from the film, Frontier of Dawn, that has just been released, and I really want to watch it because it's in black and white, honestly.

Source: image 2: unknown, image 3 and 4, withasianstereotypes; image 1: New York Times

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