The Horrors

Today I bought The Horrors new album called Primary Colours. I would subcategorise their overall sound as new punk/grunge. I've never been a fan of The Horrors, partly due to their try-hard image which has been successfully mocked on the Mighty Boosh with the help of the band, which dampens their try-hard image. I like artists who do what they feel pleases them rather than what they think will please their fans or anyone else for that matter. For instance, Bob Dylan changed his sound from an acoustic guitar to electric and many fans were quick to call him Judas and abandon him. There was only a loyal few who acknowledged that Dylan would at some point evolve in his style and sound to reflect the changes of the tide in his personal life.

What made me buy the album? Well, I use the word lightly but I fell in love with the first song they released off the album called ‘Sea Within A Sea’, it took me quite a while to actually remember the name correctly. I was drawn in by the psychedelic sound and the masculine voice that was grooming my ear drums, I also have a high appreciation for songs that manage to make their instruments sound as though they can feel human emotion; they exude a sound that carries the vocalists voice on an open wave into your ears and touches an unknown sensitive sensor in your soul. For instance Jimi Hendrix and his legendary guitar. Sea Within A Sea is the longest song on the album with eight minutes of dark, heavy, tranquil music; apparently long songs are unusual for The Horrors. The length may have something to do with Geoff Barrow, the producer/instrumentalist for Portishead (a band among the great in alternative music). When I first listened to the album, Faris Badwan’s voice did not seem to compliment the beautiful eerie sound that was being produced, yet listening to the album a second time I began to reach an understanding that his voice is speaking above the sound to create an unappreciative contrast, that intensifies the emotions of the lyrics and the instruments.

My favourite songs so far include; Sea Within A Sea (which you can download for free on their website), Who Can Say, Mirror’s Image, Scarlet Fields. I think after taking in the full entirety of the album I’ll become a contempt child after consuming her Easter eggs, yet how long will it be till this child wants more? I may have to see them live now, the urge is compelling.

Album: 8/10

Lyrics: 5/10

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