Take ownership of your tomorrow.

I've just finished reading a brilliant book by Herta Von Stiegal, entitled The Mountain Within: Leadership lessons and inspiration for your climb to the top, which is where all the above quotes have been taken from. I would advise everybody and anybody to read it regardless of where you see your life heading. The book offers timeless advise on how to metaphorically conquer the mountain within. Stiegal uses her experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time and failing and then taking on the challenge again but with a group of disabled people and succeeding as a backdrop to her leadership lessons of conquering the mountain within.

The leadership lessons are also supported with accounts from her own professional experience as a global business executive. Alongside this are a number of conversations with many of the world's most influential business leaders by the way the book is written in a very simple way and is organised in an easily readable way.

A light spring

Spring is the start of soft colours, light clothes and delicate pieces. That's why...

...I really like Zara's April lookbook - it's light, breezy and feels very appropriate for the current sunny weather we've been having in England.

If you're a jeans girl, like me, but you don't feel they look great in hot/warm weather why not buy a pair of white jeans? They look great.

I'm loving this song at the moment: blitz kids mvt- water (dirty disco youth remix).

Feeling blue.

source: vanessa jackman

One word for the streestyle look on the left: perfect. Going off-topic now...

My current mood towards life is apathetic bordering low; however, I'm an optimist by nature so I'm doing my very best to not linger too long on the negativity. Everyone has their own way of escaping negativity - some healthier than others.

My way of escaping negative feelings involves: trying to objectively understand them (which I do through excessive exercising and sometimes carrying out extensive internet research if the solution to the feeling is out of my depths); reading highlighted pieces of texts from books that have inspired me; listening to my favourite up-lifting songs, such as, the above quoted lyrics from Frank Sinatra's song My Way; and blogging (it reminds me not to take life too serious).

I'll melt with you.

My first time using the word 'fierce' for a look goes to the top image on the right.

Yes please to the young Johnny Depp look-alike pictured above. I don't like how Johnny Depp is desperately trying to cling onto his once charming and youthful good looks he should grow old gracefully (i.e. let go of his bandana) and dress a bit more like Brad Pitt.

Torn between two.

I think you can tell from my blog that I like formal feminine looks like the two top images but I also like mixing this with casual feminine looks like the two bottom images.

Looks that catch my eye tend to be: refined (not O.T.T for the sake of it); sophisticated (I'm a serious person by nature and I want my looks to reflect a bit of that); not so colourful (I don't really like to draw attention to myself; plus I think dark coloured clothes can be just as eye-catching depending on how they're worn); small detail (It shows there's something more to you: I have a typical grey tee that has been sown together down the centre at the front - it always gets peoples attention even though it's a thin line); the fit (the fit of a garment onto a person's body can turn a simple item into a stunning item).

The woman that made fashion.

"Well I don't know which is worse: doing your own thing or just being cool." -Bob Dylan

Looks from Yves Saint Laurent's A/W 12 collection accompanied by a beautiful editorial from Vogue Italia.

Do you feel what I feel?

Red: the colour of love.

I may change my blog name...!! Any ideas - drop me a message.

Don't be predictable.

The most interesting people live interesting lives because they are not one-dimensional.

Those interesting people then become intriguing when you can tell that they selectively choose who to share their private world with.

Reworded text in the above image: The woman had two sides - and he liked how he had to discover both.

I want to touch the sky.

I'm in a summer mood.

Her vs. Him

To the left: New Wave Women's Editorial. To the right: L'officiel Hommes Italia March 2012.

"Love is all there is, it makes the world go ’round. Love and only love, it can’t be denied. No matter what you think about it. You just won’t be able to do without it." -Bob Dylan

How to be noticed.

Carven's fall collection + street style looks by Streetfsn.

I like seeing people who mix match clothes and items together to create an eye catching, unexplainable but brilliant look.

The two looks on either side of the middle image on the bottom row caught my eye because of the fur.

I can't give up.

I'm still hooked on the previous post about Olivia Palmero.

A must see YouTube video: KONY 2012

Reach for infinity.

Grace, elegance and confidence creates that elusive feminine beauty that Olivia Palmero oozes.

The unreadable

Fur + silk = Hot!

The above collection is by Nina Ricci.

Great cover to Chris Brown's song: Labrinth - Beautiful People; and my favourite advert of 2011.

There were no rules.

source: streetfsn: unknown.

Pay close attention to detail.

Everything went her way.

- That colour! (Balenciaga AW12).
- Leather has never been so fashionable (Rad by Rad Hourani AW12).

- The trend: the Angelina Jolie leg (a dress with a side split) - in reference to a stunt she pulled at the recent Oscars.
- Spring is always about patterned garments.
- I love the above two women's autumn looks (set in a house) by Christophe Lemaire.