Lets Get Away


"Come away with me on a bus"
"Come away with me in the night"
"I want to walk with you on a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high"
"So all I ask is for you
To come away with me"

Norah Jones

Uniqlo +J

I can't wait to see the collaboration of Uniqlo and Jil Sander in its' entirety, even though it is already in stores. I've always been a big fan of Jil Sander particularly her shoe lines. The Uniqlo +J collaboration promises luxury with simplicity, "purity in design, beauty and comfort for all" who can afford the price tage. 

Early Morning

Natalie Off Duty is the beautiful blog the above collages are from. I first saw Natalie on Lookbook.nu and loved her style and looks instantly, you should check out her blog. I'm currently trying to get out of the Christmas/holiday mood because I have an assignment due just after the holidays, but I'll try and blog, like now.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as usual I didn't get a lot of presents but the weirdest was a three tier chocolate fountain, which I wanted about five years ago but I'll try and find use for it. I've also now got more money to spend on beautiful items, can't wait, will post. :)

Yesterday's Footprints

Elizabeth from thrills and frills tagged me ages ago to do a post about what was in my bag. I have; books, paper and pens in my bag most the time so I decided to do something different, hence this post; I hope you like it.

Yesterday I went around my home town for the first time in months, because of being away at university. The city centre was heaving with people which I hate because I like to walk fast and hate queuing but I really wanted to see what the city centre had to offer. Ever since creating this blog, I've become more and more disheartened when I walk around town looking for something I've seen online and it annoys me, because I end up complaining about how my wardrobe is thinning yet I can't find anything appealing to fill it.

I managed to purchase three items which I really like, that is an achievement! I bought the above clutch bag from H&M, it is grey/lilac colour and looks and almost feels like that expensive butter soft leather you can buy in designer stores. The second item I purchased is the above burgundy silk like cardigan, also from H&M, that looks amazing when worn rather than on a hanger, and my sister who doesn't like cardigans liked it. The third item is a black skirt for formal occasions that wasn't worthy of posting but I love it, because I've been looking for a skirt like it for months and months, I also found that in H&M!

On another note, the jeans with the studs on the back pockets are a DIY piece done by me at least a year ago; I recently cut the Topshop jeans into shorts. The two stripe tops ontop of the jeans are from Gap, I've recently seen a burgundy/white stripe top in the store that I'm craving for. The last garment is a vintage mens shirt that actually belongs to my sister but I'm currently wearing it with leggings. The tote bag, in the second to last image, was written on by me with my favourite quote from Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Finally, I hope you all have a great white Christmas!!

Copy + Paste

Source: Zimbo

She has no people skills and appears to be a nightmare to work with but I adore her style! If I didn't know any better, I would have assumed Olivia Palermo was related to Coco Chanel; her style is always elegant, sharp and flawless even when carrying a huge brown paper bag. I think her no nonsense, born into wealth attitude helps her, somewhat, in pulling off looks that some would find difficult. I also really like the clutch bags she carries, so perfectly elegant and beautifully simplistic to suit her ever changing colour and colourless looks.

Christmas in 3 days!!

Pre-Fall 2010

Source: garancedore, style.com

My inspiration partly for this post was the above street style images taken by Garance Dore, Im inspired by the sophisticated twist in their style and how they make me want what they are wearing; like that incredible green skirt. The second set of images are from Thakoon's 2010 pre-fall line and the other two are by Pringle of Scotland. What I like about the two set of looks is the simplicty, sophistication (a word I feel, I use far too often) and the perfect balance of light and dark colours; it adds a feeling of warmth to the obvious generic winter look. I'm not sure about the patent banana peel shoe boots.

Albert Hammond Jr. Pour Confederacy

Source: Confederacy

I was completely shocked when I found out that Albert Hammond Jr. had a suit line out and I had not heard about. Fortunately for me, it has only been out since October 2009 so the lookbook images are online and so are the suits, as pictured above. The suits are beautifully tailored for a reasonably slim male figure. I'm currently mesmerised by the small detail to the suits; such as the waist band on the blazer, the ankle cut trousers and how the trousers sit on the waist perfectly; I also really like the female touch to the waistcoats. I've  posted a few snippets of an interview with Hammond Jr. about the line that I thought you may be interested to know, I know I was. You can also read the full interview, here.

Why did you decide to do the collection?
Two reasons really—one, I wanted some suits for myself, and two, every time there’s something written about me it always says something about a suit, and people always ask me “Where do you get your suits?” It was getting ridiculous.

What did you have in mind before you started designing?
First off I wanted to make a classic suit that you can wear anywhere—that you can wear out on a Sunday with the vest and everything. And then I wanted a casual one that you can wear with a T-shirt.

Have you ever had a stylist?
No, no I’ve never had a stylist. Actually, there was one stylist who came up to me and said “Don’t ever let a stylist dress you,” and I was like, okay, deal.

Do you follow fashion in the traditional sense? 
Not at all. I know absolutely nothing, that’s the funny thing.


Pictured: Twiggy 

My favourite image of Twiggy happens to be the one that set off her career in the 60s. How amazing are her eyes, and those arching eyebrows? I'm also liking the festive jumper, that reaches above the neckline.

E Pluribus Unum

Source: fuckyeahalexachung, unknown, theguardian.

Blog title: E Pluribus Unum is latin for, one from many. I want to learn as many latin phrases as is possible over the holiday; I know it's sad but I've always been intrigued by Latin, even more so now that it's appearing in most my law books, and the lectures speak it so perfectly that I'm left in awe.

I saw these images in The Guardian and instantly thought of Alexa Chung, I wonder why? They literally replicated Alexa Chung's look and I have to say almost to perfection. I like the balance of casualness and how revealing the look is; simply by wearing a figure hugging dress and a big knitted jumper that reveals the collar bones. Haven't you heard, collar bones are the new it thing for both men and women this season? Haha. I'll never endorse being thin, you should be happy with who you are and stand strong to your principles! On another note, The Guardian have also used neutral colours in the looks, which is something Alexa also seems to favour.  The second image next to Alexa Chung is Marianne Faithful, I like that image of her.

Alexa Chung has resigned from working at MTV due to her "grueling schedule," anyone else bothered? Neither am I, though I do want her bag.

Keep Music Alive

Pictured: Bob Dylan (unknown source)

I've currently been gripped by the Rage Against the Machine phenomenon, which started by a facebook group who wanted to add competition to the Christmas number 1 position in the UK by getting people to buy the song Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine. The Christmas number 1 spot has currently been held by X Factor for the past four years, and I for one would like to see an end to this tradition, and if not an end at least to show Simon Cowell that the Christmas number 1 spot is not reserved for the X Factor alone. The facebook group currently has over 800,000 followers and has raised over £40,000 for Shelter; if you live within the UK I urge you to donate money to Shelter and purchase the song, 29p on Amazon

Rage Against the Machine have also promised all proceeds will go towards Shelter. This will make history if The 1992 single becomes number 1, I'm excited for once about the charts. :)

Femme Fatal

En sa beauté gît ma mort et ma vie.

(In her beauty resides my death and my life.)

    Maurice Scéve
Audrey Tautou inspired post.

Isabella Rossellini

Street Hassle

Source: the selby, google images and Carolines mode.

Today has been one of those days, where I've subconsciously and now consciously turned it into Sunday aka a lazy day. I've been feeling in the blogging mood, partly because I was inspired by other bloggers and also because it takes my mind off loads of other things. The above items are a mixture of inspiration and wants:
  1. The two beautiful vest tops are from the Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection. 
  2. I really want jade coloured nail varnish after seeing it in a street style image, here.
  3. Air is a band who make magical music that takes you into another world.
  4. Rings, so many beautiful gems!
  5. I've always been mesmerised by Jackie Onassis after watching a documentary about her life.
  6. The second to last image, is my uni bag; it's missing straps thanks to my sister.
  7. Can I have those 70's shades?
No more posts, I promise.


Top row: Styleseeking ZurichCarolines mode and unknown; bottom row: the selby and neon signs of happiness.

I'm surprised not a lot of bloggers have posted or made any comment about the Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M, which is apparently suppose to be in stores as of today. I think this collaboration is a lot better than that of the Matthew Williamson line. When I first saw it, I instantly thought of the glamourous 1950s era where the likes of Marilyn Monroe were icons to many women, and I like how Sonia Rykiel have brought this look back to life but in a modern way; by the visible stitching, the zips and the fabric.

The two pairs of shoes next to the adorable kitten are taken from H&M's 2010 spring line, and considering I'm not an open toe shoe person, I'm surprised I actually like them; though on photo is something else to in reality.

Borrowed Time

I haven't been much of an active blogger lately, and it's partly because I've been under-weighed with uni work, and any free time is spent with my equally under-weighed friends. It's reached the point where I'm finishing one assignment, then having to start thinking and researching about the next assignment! 

Due to the miserable weather lately, I've been feeling in the mood for wearing more bright colours, particularly as my wardrobe is quite dull, which I do seem to always complain about. I love the use of colour in the above outfits and I particularly like the guy's bright perfect hair. I used to be a huge fan of vintage; which I have slipped out of wearing because of how impractical it is in so many ways, but I do still love looking at the way fashion, appearance, makeup and the general perception of beauty has evolved and I do longingly admire how wearers created a sense of nobility and respectability with their clothing. The hunt for the perfect bag  has taken a break till I find time to get my head out of books, but I do know what I'm looking for now. Don't you just love that centre bag? To me it speaks volumes about the possible style of the owner.

The Londoners Pride

My favourite people in the celebrity London it crowd; all with flawless styles that perfectly suit them. Mark Ronson the part time musician influenced by the underground London music scene; Alexa Chung, the TV presenter with a tomboy / elegant flair and Agynes Deyn, the full time working model clearly influenced by her job. If you don't see the element of cool  in their look try imagining you didn't know them and they walked past you. Ok, I have to say Mark Ronson; I would think was pretentious, particularly as he is wearing shades in London, come on that is uncalled for.

Colourful Appearance

Source: stockholmstreetstyle, vanessajackman and the sartorialist

Inspirational street style; I'm liking the neutral colours, the warm garments and their bags.

Open Your Eyes

Lilliebe, Fashion Bits and Bobs and Arivda

I've been really busy this week and I still am till Monday, but here are a few images that I have liked this past week.


Yves Saint Laurent is one of a few designers I really look up to, and find inspirational.