Livin' is Easy

I love these images from W Magazine, I'm going to stop using the word love  so openly,  but I like the almost cheeky smile Alexander Wang has on his face, and the small innocent smile on Koi Suwannagate's (a designer) face, and then the gentleman in the middle, his body frame is of great contrast to the two on either side of him, so you can kind of imagine him as a ghost, and his not really there. However there is a sensual warmth exuded from all three people, which I can feel, and I like the beautiful contrast of black, white and grey from their hair to the tiny cup within the mans hand.

Gareth Pugh looks amazing in the first image, the way in which his holding hands with the blonde model makes her look like a transformer and she's going to rescue him from the grinch's wife (model 2). Ok, maybe I'm going over board.  I want that hat in the second image, I could wear anything with it and it would make me look amazing, and feel amazing, apparently it's vintage, damn it. 

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