On their MySpace they describe themselves as electronica/pop/experimental but I would have to sneak in the word ambient or even lounge. If you close your eyes and listen to all I need from their album Moon Safari, I imagine myself on a tropical island soaking in the beautiful scenery while gently been cradled to sleep by the musical sound of nature in the background, as the sea runs back and forth and exotic rare birds harmonically sing. Nearly all their songs take me off onto a voyage out of reality, and into a world I would rather get lost in. According to their Myspace, Moon Safari was the album ‘that established Nicolas Godin and JB Dunckel’, who are the two gentlemen in the above picture.  They are beyond imaginative, particularly as their music is predominately instrumental, which means the listener places a greater judgement on their music, since they have no voice over to retouch a hideous beat or rhythm as with most contemporary pop artists. I have to admit, I don’t have the full album of Moon Safari, which I shall half hang my head in shame for, because I recently purchased Pocket Symphony; the title is a great summation of the songs. This was the first album in which I heard Dunckel sing, and the first song was One Hell Of A Party and I was more then disappointed over the poor quality of lyrics and the ghastly voice searching for a beat, searching for light within the beautiful sound. Then I heard Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping and the voice was beautiful combined with the more than amazing lyrics; ‘In unconsciousness I can find peace, inside prison walls I can find release.’  They also have other people singing their songs on the album, for instance, Redhead Girl, one of my favourite songs is sung by a woman in a beautiful soft voice, to compliment the ambient velvety sound. I was introduced to this band by my sister and one of the first songs I listened to was Once Upon A Time from Pocket Symphony, which I still listen to avidly, more so as it is summer so it perfectly captures my summer mood. 

Album: 9/10

Lyrics: 8/10 

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