Floating like a feather

source: streetstyle look (unknown); style.com

There's something fresh, clean and airy about these looks that I like: it could be the very faint colour; and the use of silk to create that very light and delicate look.

Good things come to those who wait.

source: stockholm streetstyle; the sartorialist; unknown.

I like women's looks that mix masculine and feminine styles. When I was in my early teens I really liked androgynous looks but as I age I think women should proudly show off what makes them the better looking sex: we can pull of biker boots (just like men) but can men pull of red heels ?? :)

The two runway looks are from Chloe's 2012 fall collection: I love soft colours.

The quintessential prep.

I bring to you the quintessential prep look courtesy of Sarah Vickers and her perfectly titled blog: Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

The "preppy" look can look really good (like the above images show) but it can also look over done or unoriginal; however, this can be said about the "indie" look; the "vintage" look; or the "in-trend" look. To maximise the potential of you always looking really good why not take all the really good looks from each clique?!

I have to admit, my fashion style changes with the seasons and the guys I like: I've recently been dressing a bit more preppy than usual because the guy I like is a quintessential prep (thankfully, not Ralph Lauren type); but he sort of changed his style when he liked me as he started adding dark colours to his wardrobe (it didn't really suit him).

I like her look.

I'm still wrapped up and it's nearing May but there are odd hours in the day when the sun does appear but not for long enough hours. :/

I'm currently reading The Political Animal by Jeremy Paxman (a TV presenter on Newsnight); and as one high profile reviewer of the book wrote: it's "lively, persuasive, excellent. Boisterous and funny, provocative and punchily written...an intelligent romp" - I whole heartedly agree.

I wish you'd make your mind up.

I think I'm adverse to change because I'm desperately trying to resist the new changes to Blogger. Everything is just really foreign to me and I don't see what's wrong with the current interface; but then again, I've managed to stubbornly resist Facebook...

Inspiration for May/June: femininty - my mentality is far more feminine than my appearance. I'm going to watch the film My Week With Marilyn tomorrow: I shall take notes... :)

Such a beautiful song: Basement Jaxx - Romeo (acoustic)

I want a motorbike by Blitz Motorcycles!! This isn't my first post on the motorbike (and motorbikes in general)...


source: garance dore; vanessa jackman; zara.

I'm not sure when I'll next be blogging but it may be a month from now.


I've just read about this new T.V drama, entitled Girls, in The New York Times and I'm intrigued! According to The NY Times:

The show is drawing inevitable — and apt — comparisons to “Sex and the City,” in whose long shadow it blooms. “Girls,” too, is a half-hour comedy (of sorts) about four women finding themselves and fortifying one another in the daunting, libidinous wilds of New York City. But it’s a recession-era adjustment. The gloss of Manhattan is traded for the mild grit of Brooklyn’s more affordable neighborhoods. The anxieties are as much economic as erotic. The colors are duller, the mood is dourer and the clothes aren’t much. It’s “Sex and the City” in a charcoal gray Salvation Army overcoat.

A spring in her step.

source: vanessa jackman: Stockholm street-style: coute que coute.

It's sunny but it's cold...

...I think the top two looks are perfect for the current British weather. The bottom two looks, taken from Filippa K's S/S12 collection, are perfect for more sunnier weather i.e. when the weather doesn't threaten to freeze your feet.

On the road to nowhere.

I've just finished reading Barack Obama's book: Dreams From My Father. It's beautifully written and slightly reminiscent of On The Road by Jack Kerouac but set in Africa. Running heavily throughout the book is Obama's quest to find out who he is, but more precisely, who his father was and how, as a man of mixed-heritage, he's to make sense of a racially divided world.