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I like everything about this editorial in Vogue Australia April 2010; Rosie tupper (the model) looks amazing, the soft focus style of the photography by Nicole Bentley makes the images pretty and I like the clothes.

I'm not sure you understand.

I really like the above street style look; it has been done numerous times with numerous variations by Erin Wasson, the Olsen twins and even Childhood Flames blogger Camille. In my opinion, it's one of a few looks that will always look fashionable regardless of the season.

I work hard, so I should play hard

I don't like how plastic the model looks but a part from that I'm in love with the above looks from Zara's s/s lookbook. I've been suspecting leather shorts, skirts and tops are going to be big trend this season and it seems more likely since the high-street have incorporated it into their shops. Zara has also embraced the high-waisted trousers, skirts and shorts trend thats been a big hit with mainstream designers.

I don't know if it's the fact that this year is going to be the first time I'll get to vote in the general election, or whether it's a sign I need to get a hobby, but I'm really gripped into politics at the moment. I pathetically made time to watch the chancellor's debate on Channel 4 and I've been watching Question Time! Other news, my mum gets back from Austria today and I can't wait to see her.

I've realised I need you.

source: Jak & Jil, lovely little place, ilvoelv and unknown.

"She takes just like a woman, yes she does. She makes love just like a woman, yes she does." - Bob Dylan

If beauty could take the form of a clutch bag in it's most simplistic, elegant form it would be a Sofia Coppola bag -as you can tell I'm just a tad bit obsessed with one particular version.

By the way, remember that blazer I posted that I recently bought, well it looks exactly like the one the woman with the sunglasses is wearing except mine is fitted. I really wish it was any other colour than black; to be honest there was a grey version but it wasn't nice. I think I might just buy a big safety pin to put into the blazer just to make it look different, or wear bold colours with it; but I do love the blazer.

I have a slight cold but Bob Dylan - Just Like A Woman is getting me by and the odd Patti Smith song.


Diane Kruger looks amazing on the cover of Vogue Germany.


Woman: Vanessa Jackman and Hanneli; Man: Guy Eppel, white bag, off pink bag

Translation: I can't live without you.

As of lately I've been feeling in a Parisian mood; I think it's all the amazing street style images with camel from Paris fashion week.

The man perfectly photographed smoking is Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes; I like how wreaked his converse are which is in true Strokes style. Albert Hammond Jr. is the guy photographed singing, I really like the colours in the image which you can view larger here.


I can't find any fault in Natalie Vodianova, pictured above for i-D's spring 2010 issue, the above quote also features in the editorial which I really like.

I'm back home for the easter holidays, so no more university for the next two weeks, though I've got lots of work to do which I've proudly been trying to complete today in preparation for movie night, in which depending on my mood I'll watch a few dvds I've been craving to re-watch.

Thank-you to all my old and new blog followers, I hope my blog has been and will continue to be engaging; I have definitely enjoyed flooding these pages with lovely images and thoughts.

He's a half man half horse

The amazing art work of Michael Zavros which is new to me but not the art world. The first image entitled Gucci Black is an oil on board he created in 2007, the second image is entitled Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking/Bay and is an oil on canvas and the third image is entitled Burberry Prorsum/Bay and is an oil on canvas -the last two images were created in 2006.

Zavros appears to be an artist enchanted by horses, as the above images are not the only creations his done concerning horses, but I can understand his fascination with the animals; they are large, muscular creatures that also appear majestic and gentle.

I think the first time I ever learnt about these Greek mythological creatures was when I was used to watch Hercules many years ago. I thought centaurs were so cool but I still feared them; I loved how gigantic they looked in comparison to humans.

Young hearts spark fire

Today I went around a few shops in search for a going out outfit. My course has organised an informal (through facebook) end of term party which is going to start at a Hotel then end at a nightclub; I found nothing I liked so I'm sticking with my plan B outfit which isn't new or special.

However I went to H&M and bought the above items.

I had seen the above black blazer before and I had thought it looked different in a nice way but I didn't try it on, when I went today I tried it on and it looked really good considering the way it's cut and the length, and it also looks good with a scarf -my sacrilegious item at the moment.

I'm in awe with the above street style look, I can imagine her being a statue. I like how the grey and black seem to melt together to create a sleek, chic dark look.

The bottom two images are of the same blouse and I couldn't decide which image was best because the left image depicts the softness of the blouse and the right image depicts the silk like nature of the blouse. The only problem is that the blouse is two sizes too big, I thought it looked plausible when I tried it on in the shop but when I got home it appeared more obvious -I'm going to have to return. There were only two of it's kind.

An overwhelmingly beautiful music video and song by Foals; you have to watch it from start to end to get the full effect of how brilliant it is, definitely my favourite new song of 2010 so far. Who says men can't express emotional pain? After my second time watching it I noticed a tear rolls down his face close to the end -by the way I've watched the video more than six times within a few days. I think the lyrics are really interesting and the metaphorical nature of the video makes this a new musical arena for Foals.

Lounging around on a Sunday

I've kind of got out of doing my work, and my current excuse for procrastinating is the fact I'm ahead of everyone else with my work plus I work really hard during the weekdays to excuse all the habitual lounging around I do on the weekend. : )

The first image is a beautiful image of Miranda Kerr taken by Chris Colls for Style Me Romy, but the heart of this post is on Céline's summer 2010 shoes that have me craving summer shoes. The first shoe looks like a modern twist on now vintage 70s shoes -I would love to see how they look worn but I don't doubt they'd look anything less than amazing. You can view the rest of Céline's summer 2010 shoes and bags here; I'm also liking Céline's summer 2010 clothing collection.

My annual summer album: Kings of Convience - Quiet Is The New Loud

From Paris with love

A glimpse of the sort of colours, clothes and looks I want to go for with my s/s wardrobe; I also like the use of brown in the street style looks, the right image was taken by Scott Schuman.

The above items include; Cos, Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Whyred.

I did this post a while back and never got round to posting it, but here it is. I'm slightly stressed about all the uni work I've got to do up until April 30th; I'm in a vortex of surrealism that I just want to get out of, the only upside to this If you can call it that, is that I'm not the only one trapped in this vortex. It's really unfair how they've crammed everything into March and April.

Have a great weekend x

Urban Revival

1. high-waisted chinos; 2. long sleeve polka dot shirt; 3. skinny fit chinos; 4. polka dot playsuit.

High-waisted trousers -all the range this season; I also like the shoes.

Remember cigarette trousers? Acne have revived them in the form of skinny fit chinos that look amazing. I don't think I own anything with polka dots; I've always wanted a polka dot shirt after first seeing one designed by commes des garcons years ago.

You've got me runnin' wild

"She's like my heaven with a whole lot of hell!" - Black Stone Cherry

I really like the colours and I think the clothes are perfect for a spring grunge look if worn with messy hair and a can't be bothered attitude. The McQueen scarf seems quite random in the mix but I like it. I use to be drawn to looks like this but something unexplainable has happened to my taste, when I think about it my music equally changed at the same time. I still want to own a butter soft leather jacket by Rick Owens or Helmut Lang.

I need those Dolce Vita Trinity shoes in my life!

Inspiration for post:

rising generation

Did anyone else know about this online magazine? After browsing it, I can't say I'm a fan but I like the above images including the magazine cover. You can view it here.

When I went around town on Saturday, a few things caught my eye but nothing special. I spent most my time trying to find nice high-waisted trousers, but I found a thin jumper, sweatshirt, from Gap that would be perfect to wear casually and it feels comfortable. Asos do not do any justice to most the stuff in Gap, partly because like most high quality clothing you have to physically touch them to appreciate the price tag.

I'm sticking with you

Carin Wester was one of my favourite up and coming designers last year simply because of how innovative yet wearable her designs were. Wester's s/s 10 collection seems to be targeting a much younger audience than usual, and this has somehow made her collection less appealing to me. Though, I like the above images; they are perfect for those of us who are trying to balance the residue of winter mixed with the gradual blossom of spring, but I would still have to wear tights with her looks. I'm also liking the platform shoes but at the back they have a huge zip, why?!

I'm still stuck in dark colour mode and I need to switch, but the above street style image is proof you can still look embrasive of s/s whilst showing your love of a/w.

Scott Schuman and Garance Doré have partly made me feel like wanting to go around town to find something amazing, different and more importantly new to buy; which I plan to do tomorrow when I've got uni work out of the way.

Je suis une cigarette

source: Scott Schuman, Factory Girl and Eric Elmosnino

"Not for me...I smoke mine with style." He replied.

Martin Lamothe

I'd like to know the inspiration behind Lamothe's 2010 cruiser collection, I really like it; the colours, the shoes and the contrast of simplicity and intricate detail.

blue skies and cold nights

The sun is out but there is hardly enough warmth to dress for s/s that's why a/w looks still appeal to me.

White fur and a black clutch bag is a beautiful contrast. Is it me or is the bag in the top right image really big? I do like her look though.

The image in the bottom, left image is taken from Dries Van Noten's mens collection which is not as creatively inspiring as the women's but still amazing. I fell in love with the image of the guy on the right, he reminded me of a character from Mona Lisa Smile and I really liked his vintage, refined look.

This problem is bigger than you or me

Amazing photography by Vassilis Karidis for Dapper Dan magazine.

There are things I could've told you

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The models, the scenery and the atmosphere in the images equates this editorial to mesmerising.

you're all I need.

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I don't know where to begin, my mind is speechless; I'm completely amazed by his fall 2010 collection that I shouldn't be blogging right now but I'd be utterly out of mind not to spread the love.

I really like the 1950s style full dress that slightly looks like a trench and the dress slightly visible under the green trench. I think H&M are selling garments like the amazing scarf pictured in the last row and crocodile bags never looked so good. I've also got my eye on the blue suede clutch bag pictured in the last row. I'm definitely going to try and recreate some of his lighter fall looks this spring.

Scott Schuman posted an image of a young man who equally blew my mind away; his clothes are simple and ragged, but adding the way he holds himself equates to an innate coolness that we all subtly strive for. It's that coolness you know can't be duplicated, that coolness that makes your mind capture and replay that moment, that coolness you sometimes forget exists. To understand my madness you should view the larger image here.

w o m e n

An unappreciated beauty of life is how we can all look beautiful regardless of our evident and innate differences in life; such as our biological make-up or our social positions. The woman with the head scarf reminds me of the girl with the pearl earring in such a classic, elegant way.

I'm going to Birmingham for the weekend and I'm tempted to go window shopping so I can complain about how, for instance, my H&M seems to lack in everything, but knowing me I'll end up buying something to prove my point. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, especially if you have the time to.

Margaret Howell s/s 10

The best post to start off the month of March.

Margaret Howell is also doing the socks with heels trend and the belt over garments. I like how she has decided to use a belt on not so loose garments, which in my head would have equated to a fashion faux pas, but she surprisingly has won my vote with the look. I think long skirts are going to be a style trend for s/s, if I were to wear one I would definitely wear it the way Alexa Chung and Margaret Howell have had their models wear them; with a fitted blouse and a belt to smarten the look. The men's wear is far less inspiring than women's wear.

I have a tag dedicated to Margaret Howell, entitled Howell; I love the simplicity, the mixture of formality and casualness in her looks. I am absolutely in awe of her a/w 10 collection which Pascal Grob has posted a few images of on his blog.

I'm slowly coming out of my winter cocoon, and I can't wait until I can finally put away my thick winter coat.