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You may have already read Scott Shuman aka The Sartorialist's recent blog entry about feeling extremely gratified and happy to have appeared in Fast Company's list of 100 most creative people in business. Unfortunately he just about shuffled onto the list at #98 but he appeared to be humble with his position, which is a characteristic some would find difficult to upheld.

Whilst looking at the list I've pulled out some familliar faces you may also be interested, yet not surprised to see on the list:
#13 - Stella McCartney
#22 - Damien hurst
#24  - Jill Sander
#36 - Pharrel Williams
#49 - Tyra Banks

Due to having studied sociology, I went through the list and jotted down how many women were in each bracket and the entire list. I would have liked to do ethnic minorities but you can't really tell from images, or even names.  The total for women was 24 out of 100, which means 75%+ was men! 

Here is the break down of my findings:
1-10 ---> 2 women  
11-20 ---> 3 women
21-30 ---> 4 women
31-40 ---> 1 woman
41-50 ---> 4 women
51-60 ---> 1 woman
61-70 ---> 5 women
71-80 ---> 2 women
81-90 ---> 2 women
91-100 ---> 0 women

Has the glass ceiling truly broken? I would have to compare my findings to previous lists, but I honestly think feminists and all women should feel at least an ounce of disappointment, through the struggles of the 60s and the hard fights, and we still have men hugely dominating the workplace.

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