Hold tight

"No man ever can keep that girl from moving on. Easy as she comes by, Easy as she's gone."

"...and don't you know I'd hold you. If I could find a way. If I could only catch you. If only you would stay."

The editorial on the left is from hero #7 and can be viewed here in its glorious entirety. The looks on the right are from twenty8twelve's s/s12 collection - the looks aren't exciting but the model sells them well.

The quotes under the images are from a beautiful song by Girls entitled 'Love Like A River'.

Summer breeze.

source: vogue, fashion in a crowd, unknown.

White-on-white in the summer equals a definite fashion winner (just make sure not to sit on grass). I think the woman in the top image on the left has got the perfect length trousers especially since their white. I really like the white blazer in the Mango look coupled with a belt - it tidies up the look if you need that formal edge.

For S/S look I'll probably always be a fan of the shirt blouse plus shorts you just can't go wrong with it.

I'm not a fashion serious blogger but I dabble in the arts (as is obvious) and I like to portray this in my looks: I call it being 'fashion conscious'. One of my favourite 'fashion conscious' celebrities is actress Kristen Stewart (the above image is unflattering) - she obviously knows what suits her and yet she couldn't care less if it was hot or not.

To be near to the sea.

source: scott schuman, visual optimism.

There is a nautical vibe to this post. I really like all these looks particularly the editorial looks - there's style ideas to be taken.

With the amazing weather we've been having I thought I'd mention a previous summer themed blog post that I still like: I heart summer.

Take a walk on the formal side.

source: visual optimism; fashionising.

All the above looks are of Donna Karen's 2012 Pre-Fall collection. The editorial image is from Harper's Bazaar June/July 2012 issue.

The top image on the right reminds me of this street style look taken by Scott Schuman: I like the contrast of femininity and masculinity.

For similar reasons to the top image, the bottom images are amazing. The man's style (because it's formless) oversized coat contrasts brilliantly with the model revealing her legs and her earrings.

You made me forget myself.

source: fashionising

All the above looks -and the top image, below, on the right- are from Chloe's 2012 resort collection.

The looks are practical yet fashionable. I can't stand impractical fashionable looks particularly since it means the chances of finding a cheaper replica or substitution on the high street will be near impossible.

The street style looking image at the bottom on the left is of blogger, The Golden Diamonds; her look, which is similar to a look in Chloe's 2012 resort collection, is perfect - it should make you think: 'why do I put so much effort into looking good when it can be that simple?'

Inspire me

Every once in a while write down what it is you are doing to achieve that long term goal your striving to achieve. If you find that you are way off course - don't worry; just re-map a new route to that goal but never give up: persistence and perseverance should, if they aren't already, be your metaphorical best friends.

Life is short but the only way to manoeuvre around it without wasting what little time we have, is to always set challenging long term goals. That way you don't find yourself, years later, looking back at it all thinking how aimless it was or regretting how long you spent bumbling at the bottom.

Interesting blog post on the topic: Why not...Invest in your dreams?


source: Vanessa Jackman, Vogue, TFS.

I like all the above looks - I can't think of anything else to add to that.

Off-topic: I like the trailer for Café de Flore.


Lacoste's autumn/winter collection: not only are the models admirable so are the clothes!

I think women can and should steal ideas from menswear collections by adding a feminine twist. If not for that reason, then you could guide a man in your life, who has money to burn and is unacquainted to style, to a shop of your choice such as Lacoste - what could go wrong? :)

Fashion driven women.

source: Stockholm streetstyle

I think looking "en-vogue" is partly about: what you're wearing; who you're wearing; but most importantly, how you're wearing it which includes that air of confidence mixed with a sense of individuality.

She wouldn't let go of either.

There's something intriguing about what women wear when saddled with power - the confidence with which they exude can make you question whether it's the power or their style. If you really think about that question you would obviously say it's the power and the journey taken to obtain it; but that doesn't stop thousands of women wanting to copy Michelle Obama's style or Kate Middleton's style.

Live it - it's all yours.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of that simple, terrifying but crucial aspect of life: mortality.

As if it were autumn.

source: stockholm streestyle; scott schuman.

This predominately streetstyle moodboard is actual suitable for the current miserable weather.


source: vogue

The above two runway looks are by Phillip Lim for S/S 2012. I really like the sharp 'V' neck top and it's very thin straps - there's another look in the collection with a similar top but the 'V' is deeper but it still looks great! The second runway look is just brilliant due to the stark colour contrast of the top to the shorts - and it works very well.

Style just happens.

Theyskens Theory is one of my new favourite designers: their designs are casual, boyish yet feminine - it's Parisian chic on the runway.

Most women (including me) only wear high-heels on three occasions: formal events, work and parties; and at most of these events we dress in anything but casual clothing.

Off-topic: I'm back to indulging in Radiohead...sad music should not sound so good! :/