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"Lord, I ain't got much more to lose; right now I'm having trouble.
Please don't take away my highway shoes." -Bob Dylan, Down the Highway.

"I just want to say that just like you, I should find a way to tell you everything by saying nothing." -Nouvelle Vauge, In A Manner Of Speaking.

I'm really too young to be feeling this old.

It's been snowing the past few days; I shouldn't complain because I did ask for it but it's times like this that you find out how practical your wardrobe is, in particular your coats.

The first image is a lookbook image taken from the boutique Elegantly Waisted; I'm slightly bored of the camel coat but I do like this look. The Audrey Hepburn image is by a fashion photographer I admire called Mark Shaw; I'd love to have one of his images hanging up in my flat.

I really, really like Alexa Chung's style in the above look and she looks like young Jane Birkin. I really like Scott Schuman's photographs of fashionable women on Vespas/scooters; I think the women look cool and fun which is what fashion should be.

Just keep me where the light is.

Left: Charlotte Collard. Right: Photography by William Gedney.

"Some people show off their beauty because they want the world to see it; others try to hide their beauty because they want the world to see something else." - Kostas, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

I like the combination of brown with the amazing polka dot trousers, and what's even better is that the look is not too summery to be considered uninterpretable in this extremely cold weather!

I'm going to be really busy as of tomorrow till Monday so have a great weekend and I urge you to indulge in a large mug of real hot chocolate (I will!) :)

I'm in love with this song and the band: Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine.

I would speak up but I wouldn't know what to say.

source: CQC and stockholm streetstyle: look 1 and look 2.

I love the styling/looks; I did a post ages ago on the revival of the maxiskirt this fall/winter, HERE.

The amazing editorial for the menswear is from the a/w issue of Man About Town.

Who knows what's got to be said?

Top left: Coute Que Coute; right: stockholm streetstyle. Bottom left and right: Turned Out.

I've never wanted to own a range of jumpers until now because it's unbelievably cold and I'm currently re-wearing the same few jumpers I have.

Not everybody liked her style.

Top left: Asos. Right left: Zara; right: Chloe and Acne.

The first look is taken from ASOS for silk harem trousers by Whistles. The model on the top right is Julie Rode in the November issue of DV Mode.

The Acne shoes and the Chloe blouse are simply divine; what more can I say?

The 60's madame part II.

Photographer: Wingate Paine. This post follows on from: The 60's madame part I.

Today I decided not to do any uni work; having spent a lot of my reading week (unofficial holiday) doing more than necessary.

I finished watching the rest of Les Chansons D'amour (my DVD player has been acting up); the film was only good because of Louis Garrel, I think the plot was a bit weak. I'm looking for a good, light-hearted book to start reading, any recommendations will be welcomed.

Anyone heard about boutiques.com? It's Google's version of Asos!


source: net-a-porter, CQC and mandalyzing.

I'm currently attracted to anything that sparkles; I want a sequined dress just to attempt the above look. I loved the editorial of Natalia Vodianova in Harper's Bazaar for achieving the title 'Woman of the Year' .

Anyone who has been following my blog for long enough will now my odd obsession with stripes, and I resent the fact they are de rigueur (new word I've learnt) in the summer, hence why I like the above slightly autumn look.

You'd rather I didn't try.

Vika Gazinskaya's style is amazing and she never fails to amaze me, by the way she is a designer.

Add one of the bags posted below; a skirt or a pair of jeans and this look is dreamy.

All these things I can't describe:

I'm having a meltdown, somewhere in the world a Sofia Coppola & Louis Vuitton bag is sitting on a shop shelf calling me!! I've already done a post on the collection but the size and design of the bags have slightly altered and they are now being sold international hence the new lookbook images featured above which you have to view more of HERE.

I'm also craving the Fendi Spring 2011 bag which is the top image on the right, I'm pretty sure I've seen one of the Olsen twins with a similar bag; I know that Garance Dore and Alexa Chung have a Sofia Coppola & LV bag.

My sister text me recently to kindly inform me that this winter will be colder than last year and it is set to get colder this weekend; I can just about tolerate the weather now :| Gap are having their winter 30% off voucher and Urban Outfitters are having a 50% sale on their summer items. :)


The centre image is a street style image of blogger, Nike; the two images on either side are taken from Whyred's knit wear collection.

I really like the looks and I think it's the trousers that make me love the looks; I call them the Audrey Hepburn trousers because I first saw them in Breakfast at Tiffany's and if you've ever watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which I surprisingly liked, Alexis Bledel wore them perfectly.


Top: citizen couture. Bottom left: 5 inch and up; right: vanessa jackman.

I've already done a post on hats, probably more than once, but fashion is cyclical. I particularly like the styling alongside the hats in the above looks. Some people think that by just wearing a hat it instantly makes you in-vogue but I think a hat is just an accessory to a look; it is not the look and like all accessories it can make or break a look.

It's really late at night and I've got three huge books surrounding me all containing the words 'corporate' and 'finance'; how did I get here? I want to go back to the days in which reading was only known to be recreational, and the thought of having a career was merely an eventuality that was still beyond an obscure horizon.

On iTunes, I've got these two songs on replay at the moment: Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight and Cloud Control - Gold Canary. :)

I may be right you may disagree.

Parisian style is the style for me; they take being laid-back, chic and sophistication to another level; this cultural style seems almost innate for the French since everyone seems to take exceptional pride in their appearance including men.

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'm actually now looking forward to Christmas; the Christmas films and songs, snow and that general Christmas buzz in the air.

A consensus had been reached: It was getting colder.

The winter coat has finally surfaced from my wardrobe but with my weird body temperature I'm trying to strike the right balance between keeping warm and not freezing to death at the traffic lights. :)

I knew I had to bring the coat out when I saw a gathering of homeless people looking enjoyably warm whilst I was freezing! I'd like to also state that happiness is what you make of life not the other way round; Bob Dylan mentions quite a lot in his songs about his former life of homelessness and how it was the most happiest moments of his life, from the people he met to the freedom he felt.

It's not a vocation, but a temptation.

Australian label Dress Up have a wonderful 10/11 collection that I couldn't resist sharing.

I love the lightness of the skirt in the first look especially paired with the black cropped pullover.

This summer I saw quite a few summer street style looks with perfect knotted shirts/blouses/tops and it slipped my mind till now. I actually used to knot my tops when I went to gigs, but the knot can be a bit annoying but it does look better than wearing it conventionally.

The 60's madame part I.

Top left: Modellbloggen; right: Cynthia Steffe f/w. Bottom left: Modellbloggen; right: Style Clicker.

I'm still perfecting on the cat flick, I can never quite get it to flick the way I want it to and I easily settle for second best.

Post: A mixture of the 60's style from the French and the British.

The Kinks: "Girl I want to be with you all of the time; all day and all of the night."

Once we were strangers.

The first image is a lookbook image from a collection by Richard Nicoll.

I want to wear something that sparkles with black boots for the perfect contrast.

I got informed about an old program on 4oD which is about the highs and lows of being a model. The program entitled This Model Life follows the life of Erin O'Connor at the age of 24 and another aspiring model.


"Show some emotion, put expression in your eyes.
Light up if your feeling happy, but if it's bad then let those tears roll down."

-Joan Armatrading, Show Some Emotion.

It's been raining recently and I left my umbrella on the train after throwing away my old umbrella... : but I'm really glad it's the weekend!

The woman would like:

Left: style.com. Right: Garance Dore.

1. The head-turning cocktail dress.
2. The waist length coat of great stature.

This post was inspired by the previous post and my infatuation with Garance Dore's illustrations.

I love this song: Frank Sinatra - That's Life.

Everything that happens is from now on.

I completely fell in love with the designer, Apiece Apart, when I saw three of their lookbook images on Allure-Allure - do check out their post.

The first three images are from their fall/winter 2010 collection; I like the use of colours and different textures such as silk against wool (something Margaret Howell has done), I also have to state I like the fact the model is wearing a watch.

I liked more of their 2009 looks (the bottom three images) but the collection was surprisingly more conservative than their 2010 collection, but I think Margaret Howell would like this designer.


I like the above images from Vogue Russia's Nov 2010 issue; the editorial is quite British, it slightly reminds me of Topshop.

View the entire editorial HERE.

Just found out that Nouvelle Vague are on tour in the UK!