When I saw this editorial I painfully wanted to be a child again with no attachments to life, so I can come and go as I please. However, there are perks of being an 'adult' that are undeniably great, but who doesn't want freedom and teenage crushes and chanting 'girls are better than boys' whilst aimlessly wasting your time making daisy chains, that you're just going to discard of once you've constructed a chain consisting of every daisy within eye sight. Give me those days any day. The Goonies came out in 1985! Before I was born, I was pretty sure it came out in the 90s', even these images look styled towards the 90s'.


wecouldgrowup2gether said...

the title of the fashion story just rocks

oriwa said...

This shoot is gorgeous! The child inside of me is jumping for joy!

Love your blog, full of great images xx