What's there not to like about this post?!
To not make this post pointless I'm now going to introduce you to two brilliant songs: Ben Howard - Empty Corridors and Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me (Blogspot is being annoying so I can't provide the links).


It's exciting yet surprising how soon Christmas is!
The above collage is a mixture of old and new casual smart looks that I like.

Have a great weekend!

"To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early or be respectable." -Oscar Wilde, A Picture of Dorian Gray.

source: girl a la mode.

How about a great weekend freebie courtesy of the band Generationals.

Ralph Lauren

If I was to see somebody dressed like the people in the above Ralph Lauren clip, I would: a) despise their impeccable attire; b) despise their confidence to dress in a flamboyant outdated manner; and c) despise myself for despising them. :)
Honestly, I personally love to see people dressed well but for me originality is what makes or breaks a look. I've seen street style looks of people who amazingly look like they've stepped out from another era but at the same time they wouldn't look effortless as they may have looked within that particular time; or they border on appearing contrived.

It's cold!

The recent drop in temperature is not going down well with me...

...on a more lighter and funnier note, I was reading the New York Times (like every British person does) and there was an article about a new craze in which people (mainly girls) take secret photos of hot people (mainly men) on the tube/subway and post the images online for people to rate! Aside from the fact it's a blatant invasion of privacy and that the whole thing is actually quite crude: the concept is hilarious -Tubecrush and Subwaycrush.

Great documentary!

Onto the next one.

Ah! Zara is messing with my mind.

By the way, the top image on the left is from an editorial.

How to...

A how-to-pictorial-guide on looking fashionably chic on a cold evening.