My baby shot me down

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Still on the topic of I-D magazine from the previous post; I saw this amazing photo shoot by photographer Scott Trindle and I was completely in awe. I particularly have to give the credit to the stylist; I love the fact everything is studded even his shoes, so he looks like someone went mad and began shooting studs at him, what hurts is that I don't know where the pieces are all from, part of me is thinking D&G. You really have to see the above images blown up, it is amazing!

Edit: The summer issue of I-D was predominantly menswear based, makes a change I guess, or am I out of the loop? 

A League of Gentlemen

Whilst browsing through the summer 09 I-D magazine; I stumbled across a few interesting pieces of the work of Tim Soar, I wrote his name down and decided to search up more of his collections when I got back home. I absolutely love quite a lot of his pieces, for instance all those pictured above, what i like most about Soar is that his style constantly alternates, but in all his pieces there is a running theme of how a man can show a vulnerable side, at the same time maintain a hard masculine stance/image. All the looks above are from varied seasons and times; the first two images are from his s/s 08, the second set are from a/w 08 and the last set are a/w 09. Off topic, can I just say, is it me or does anyone else think that the last model with the amazing leather like trousers could be a cast member in Twilight?

Source: Soar

A serious music listener?

I really want to get headphones, I didn't know Urban Outfitters sold so many, I have to say the cream ones are my favourite; items from left to right:
1. Multi bongo black headphones £72
2. Web exclusive chocolate brown bongo headphones £72
3. Oboe vibrant yellow headphones £45
4. Panasonic RP-HTX7 pink headphones £50
5. RP HXT7E cream headphones £50
6. Ed banger bongo headphone £72

A few songs I've been currently indulged in; artist(s) to song:
The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens
Dag for Dag - Pirate Sea
Air - Le Voyage De Penelope
Crystal Stilts - Crystal Stilts
Gold Panda - Triangle Cloud
Albert Hammond Jr. - GFC
The Black Angels - Never/Ever
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses

Gap News


I've only ever bought one thing from Asos and ended up selling it because I ended up finding the exact same garment in a different and better style in Zara. I can't wait to see Gap in Asos! I do like Gap a lot; I like the simplicity and the quality of the garments. Oddly enough there isn't a UK online Gap store, and this will be the first for the UK and Europe!

Source: Maxitendance

Pixie Market

There are new items at Pixie Market, I had to post the above items because of their degree of amazingness is off the charts, studded mesh leggings and a dress with shoe laces! Oh, and If I had shoes like the model with the studded leggings, I would so wear them, even the shoe lace dress. I was also gripped at edge by a mesh hoodie dress, I wouldn't wear it myself but I can gawp at it with amazement at the meshness of it. I can't wait for their autumn winter shoe line, hopefully it will consist of big black shoe boots.

Edit: Brainwave could I possibly stud my own leggings??

Style Prone

Style = casual, comfortable and colourful. My favourite has to be between the second image and the last image of the girl with the curly ginger hair, they both completely own their looks. The girl with the amazing harlequin dress is the same girl as the girl in the third image; which I love because of the combination of colours, her creative pose and her trousers above all.


Far away. Lost in thoughts.

I want a swimming pool, just so I can put flowers in it and then swim it, or put those tiny candles in it at night!

Enchanted Treasures

Items (left to right):
1. Stroller bag was £180 / now £90
2. Silk shannon bag was £135 / now £67.50
3. Creole military boot was £175 / now £87.50
4. Blot scarf was £60 / now £30
5. Circus vest - was £45 / now £31
6. Jezabel skirt - was £95 / now £38

The first two items and the scarf are from the mens sale section. The women's sale is not as good as the mens. I loved the first two bags before they were on sale and I wanted those boots in black, which oddly enough, you can't get the black boots at the sale price. I think the clown t-shirt is off the charts cool, but then again Allsaints are known for their cool macabre t-shirt designs. I've always wanted to own an Allsaints skirt; all the items in Allsaints always seem to be screaming to be layered and If you don't layer them they just never seem to look as good as someone who does. I'm not sure I'm that good at layering. :\

Coco Chanel

Beautiful images from the film Coco before Chanel, a film which I can't wait to see. I think Audrey Tautou seems perfect for the role. The second image is Coco Chanel; graceful yet always aware of her own style. I can't wait to see the film, it's out on the 31st, well in the UK.

the perfect floral ornament


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Beauitful photography by Yu Tsai for GQ Russia. It kind of reminds me of a Topman campaign except for this does look a lot more professional in the photography aspects.

Source: Yu Tsai