I need new casual shoes and I know it's nearly spring, but I want them to be boots.

I really like Jessica Alba's boots, and she wears them so femininely you wouldn't think it was possible for any woman to pull them off without looking really masculine, androgynes or dark and mysterious like Patti Smith. There's a student craze where I am, to wear boots with leggings, like the above editorial with the brown background (that's not why I want boots, honestly, you should know me by now). The street style look of blogger, Hanneli, shows how boots can be worn in spring.

Colour: Pt. 1

Colour: Pt. 1 - The trousers.

I once bought a pair of high-waisted dark green trousers and never wore them. I also had a beautiful soft green jumpsuit that had a long neckline and made me look like a surgeon going out to a risque club, so I always intended to wear a vest underneath and a jumper over it, but I never got round to wearing it; basically, I'm a disappointment when it comes to wearing colour. I never cared to observe and take note of colours that go perfectly together, and colours that don't (it's much easier to stick to netural, generic colours), plus most the colours I used to see people wear tended to scream "look at me!" but I guess they were the people who caught my eye.

I'm tempted to attempt green trousers again just because of a few looks I've seen, including Victoria Beckham (it's surprising how far her style has evolved) and the Phillip Lim look pictured above; it's a colour that can be dressed up or dressed down. The orange trousers are far too daring for me, but if I had a pair I would only be able to copy the Rag Pony runway look!

Theyskens' Theory s/s11 is the look with the red trousers, my heart is in love with the collection (which I'll post more images of).

Boy fit jeans.

I had a friend in college who only wore boy fit jeans and they completely suited her, partly because she wore them like she didn't know any other type of jeans existed. That's when my eyes were awoken to the beauty of boy fit jeans, and I now feel like revolting against skinny jeans, which aren't skinny enough for some people (the leggings as trousers people you know who you are): I want to be a bit more modest but chic (it is possible, just look at the above images).

The woman with the fur vest is Gillian Zidnser and the street style look (Lindsay Woodall) on the left to her are both wearing quite cool distressed boy fit jeans their own way. The Lexington a/w 2011 jeans are a bit too baggy but I like the overall look. Yasmin Sewell pictured next to the Lexington look, is an old image that I really like.

The transition into spring.

It's the time of the year when it's neither freezing or sunny and s/s collections are too optimistic an f/w collection about too pessimistic, so you have to sieve through looks that strike the perfect balance, and I believe the above looks do to some degree.

The first two images are from a cool Paris street style blog that I've only just found out called Easy Fashion in Paris. I really like how the above woman is wearing suspenders with her skirt (and rather than trousers); I like: the balance of netural colours/textures, how it all hangs on her body frame and the practical nature of the look for living a more mundane life.

The fall 2011 Lexington collection -bottom three images- for me is reminiscent of young British/Parisian style (students); it's also like a more fashion forward version of Jack Wills, particularly since this collection has some clothing items branded with the fashion label.


My top 5 loves at the moment:
- Devendra Banhart in the above music video.
- James Franco: he is a a brilliant actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, author (Palo Alto: my must read), and painter.
- Radiohead's new album: The King of Limbs, particularly the video for their first single release from it.
- I'm always craving Kinder Buenos', they're currently my sugary weakness.
- The last film I watched: 2 Days in Paris, Adam Goldberg and Julie Deply are perfect in this.

Weekend read:

Whether you like to hate her or hate the fact you like her, Alexa Chung has become a fashion icon for many young women and girls. When I first found out about her, I really liked her style but then I eventually got bored of it (maybe because it was everywhere). She does pull off the odd one or two amazing looks every now-and-then, like the above look for Net-a-porter's spring/summer magazine: which you can purchase here, but I am less fascinated by her (but I may purchase the magazine).

P.s: her beautiful lace dress is from Erdem's spring/summer collection which was available on Net-a-porter here.


Finally, a post on all the simple things in life that make us feel wonderful.

The first and the last item you need in your wardrobe this spring/summer is a knit jumpsuit by Stella McCartney (or a good copy!), and then just style your look around it with hats, bags and if the sun shines, sunglasses; but the sunglasses and the sandals are more of a summer look. You could even wear brogues, penny loafers or ballet shoes with the jumpsuit for an everyday trendy look, or attempt layering with it.

I like the concept of wearing neutral colours and then having a bag, or wearing a pair of shoes that are bright and loud, hence the beautiful Whyred pink clutch bag: Olivia Palmero does this balancing act quite a lot with her looks, and it works perfectly in maintaing her formal essence but with the added fashionable/fun twist to it.

By the way, I won't be blogging that regularly but I'll make sure all my posts are inspirational! :)

Happy Valentine's day.

I felt like doing a blog post just for this particular day, because I was walking past a vintage shop that had two badly cut pieces of paper hanging in the shop window: in a scribbled handwriting style, one paper said "FIND" and the other said "HIM" in the same erratic style; having read the last paper I felt an uncontrollable urge to smile. As I continued walking, the brilliant song Spooky by Dusty Springfield started playing on my iPod, and the lyrics made me feel like laughing out loud (I then had the valentine's day bug, which led to the creation of this rather random post!).

"Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little boy like you." -Dusty Springfield. :)

P.s: thank-you for all the nice blog comments! x