Wang: Summer 09

I've see some of these everywhere, and some are new to me, but I do expect to see them everywhere. The baggy sweater which fashiontoast has is $595, the motorcycle jacket which I've seen every celebrity wear is $1,430. Reasonable or extortionate price, you can't help but think Wang as a masterful genius in a workshop. Nearly clothing item is 100% silk which justifies the price tage and you get a real sense of a designer who loves their job, when you look over his collections. I'm off to do revision, which I should have started earlier, so no more entries from today, promise!

Source: Revolve

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Tiff said...

Hi, thanks so much for stopping by!

I would absolutely love to go to town on the pink blazer, wow.

It seems there has been Wang overload online, but I have never seen some of this stuff! Thanks for putting it up!