Rest in what trust you have in me, no matter how small.

(1) CQC; (2) Unknown; (3-4) J.Crew fall 2010

Images + looks I've liked recently.

I watched Ghost World for the first time and it was a funny, witty film definitely a must see film.

I currently have four films I really want to see: When You're Strange (Jim Morrison film), Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, Gainsbourg and Inception. The cinema I want to see them at is screening the first three films on a set few dates later in August, hopefully I remember the dates...

Is someone getting the best of you.

(1) I can't remember the designer for this particular look but I liked it.

(2) Isabel Marant's 2009 fall collection (I think).

(3) Inspiration wall created by DĂ©partement FĂ©minin boutique via La Coquette; I plan on creating one this fall as I may not be blogging that often...

Edit: I got a comment stating the first look is from Rag & Bone's Resort 2011 collection; it was one of my assumptions. Thanks to YoQueSe for the comment!

The desire is in the finding out.

I wasn't lying when I said I thought Ashley Olsen's bag was amazing. My green velvet clutch bag is from Accessories which I found on ebay, and I like stroking it but I wish it was slightly bigger but it can fit everything I would want to put into it. I honestly want to have a diverse array of clutch bags, don't ask why I wouldn't be able to answer you.

The necklace is from an antique jewellery shop in Leeds; I bought the pendant separate from the chain. Just realised I'm wearing the necklace right now with an exact replica of Ashley Olsen's t-shirt above.

For fall/winter I'm in search for the perfect black leather bag that can fit everything and more (I also like the model's leather jacket).

I've currently got my eyes on finding a satchel but most of them are either too small, too expensive or not to my taste because they don't look like the above bag :/ but I saw this in an U.Os store and I would have buy it if it larger and I'll try and I would wear it out so it didn't look so immaculate.

Edit: The film about Serge Gainsbourg is out on the 30th in the UK. Sticking to films, I've heard lots of great things about the film Inception.

Marie Claire September 09

Images taken by me.

I received a request to post more images from the French Marie Claire I posted recently as my a/w inspiration; it was hard choosing what images to post in my first post from this magazine issue, so this way I can show you all the other images I really liked.

The first image is the title page for the entire editorial.

Anyone else feeling as though the weeks are going past fast? :/

I'm just like her, the same as you.

The fashion it colour for fall is camel (which isn't surprising); it features in a lot of the fall issues of main line fashion magazines.

I think cable knit cardigan's, leather gloves (I want to get a pair this winter, I've yet to decide on the colour) and boots are essential A/W must have items.

How many designer's does it take to create a trend? Answer; the look on the left is from Aquascutum London's F/W collection -I really like the gold skirt.

I'm not sure where the look on the right is from (Topshop A/W 10?) but I like the dress against the thick Burberry style winter coat -I have one like that but not as amazing, I plan to wear my leather gloves with it or with this coat.

Claudia Schiffer looks amazing; I like everything about her look (especially her jacket) and the va va voom lipstick.

The look on the right is from Dak's F/W 2010 runway collection; I love the contrast of the blouse with the thick wool scarf.

I wonder how many people will actually attempt the look on the left from Aquascutum London's F/W collection -I'm already trying belts against my trench coat; it's not as simple as I thought. :/

I'm trying to find the perfect blanket style shawl (I heard Zara sells the best shawls) to do looks like the one on the right from Paris68's f/w collection; it would also help if I had spaghetti legs.

My autumn winter inspiration.

images taken by me.

My sister has been throwing out a lot of her old magazines and I decided to help her out whilst browsing through them for inspiration. I cut out the above looks from a Marie Claire issue my sister bought from France...she surprisingly didn't like the issue.

Have a great weekend!

I don't trust a man who doesn't drink.

(1) CQC; (2-4) 55DSL

The minute I saw the above image from New Wave men's Editorial, I liked the entire look and it was mainly because of the model's t-shirt which made me want to find out where it was from and whether there were any more of it's kind.

I ended up finding out that there were loads designed by different creative artists for men and women. The above t-shirts are the ones I was instantly drawn to; the t-shirt design by Bronques is in the 10.55 spring summer collection for women and is taken from their archive of last night party pictures on their Cobrasnake style website. The design by Deadlastnight and Gavin Watson feature in 10.55's fall winter 10 collection.

I'm not sure what to make of your smile.

Erin Kleinberg's F/W collection seems as though it is aimed at a woman working in the fashion industry or with an interest in fashion/style who spends most of her time in swanky upmarket apartments or hotels. The above looks were my favourite from the collection and I didn't really like any of the other looks. I really like the look with the blue/patterened long coat it reminds me of MK and Ashley Olsen's style when they attend red carpet or fashion week events. The shoes worn with the LBD are amazing...

source: 10th Muse

I love everything about this look; it's a look that commands confidence.

The End?

"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it." - Michel de Montaigne (essayist, 1533-1592)

"Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - Susan Ertz (Anger in the Sky)

More amazing photography by Thomas Klementsson via Klementsson archives.

Playtime isn't over.

Photography by Thomas Klementsson via Klementsson archives edited by me.

I'm lost in who we are and where we go from here.

You say you want us to grow old together but I just don't understand what that means...

...Don't you know I'll always be young?

Sunday's mean only one thing...

I never thought I'd turn into one of those girls' who drools over shoes (on Net-a-porter) but I have, and It's an oddly fun yet painful experience; I just want everything, though I could settle for the below items as the only shoes I could ever own (including the shoes I do have of course)...

The Elizabeth and James shoes on the left would be my casual out to a cafe or art gallery shoes and the Miu Miu shoes on the right would be my casual formal out to impress shoes.

Christian Louboutins' on the left would be my no nonsense formal shoes, and the Miu Miu shoe boots on the right would be my no nonsense kick ass shoes.

Summer style with...

Caroline Issa is the epitome of summer elegance and beauty; she clearly knows what works for her and she makes it all work perfectly together.

L'Officiel Paris never fails to captivate me with it's chic, subtle glamorous editorial spreads.

summer daydreaming with the...

I like the idea of combining dungarees with a blazer, but all the above looks are working denim well.

A Bout De Souffle...

The quote is spoken by actor Jean Paul Belmondo who is Seberg's on screen lover in Breathless.

This ain't no place for the weary kind.

That green bag and shades makes the look perfect; I like the denim shorts above, her bag and top; mens style watch (love it).

Her braided hair and dress are perfect; men with style (can't be overlooked); an amazing crocodile bag that speaks volumes about the owner.

The above model is from the post I did on Kenzo's collection (creating style with casual clothes); her striped top and black nail varnish makes her look amazing against the bold pink clutch bag; I love everything from the patterns and blend of colours in the third image.

On the subject of me :) I was 8% away from a 1st in my second year which is equivalent to an A for those of you who don't know the UK university grading system; I'm really proud of my brain, I spent a lot of sleepless nights with one friend in particularly; I don't know how I would have got through the stressful, compressed exam period without her...

...I've decided to make my next post an 'about me' post and you can leave me questions you want answered on anything concerning me or not even about me, and I'll promise to answer them alongside my own additional info to what I think you may want to know...


"She's elusive and I'm awake."

"Open my eyes and you are next to me."

"You're finally real, there's nothing fake."

Quotes from Scott Matthews - Elusive, also listen to Passing Stranger (beautiful song).

Photography by Nick Dorey for a past issue of Vice magazine via Coute Que Coute.

I watched A Serious Man and it is a funny, interesting film that is suppose to be thought provoking -I loved it. My sister also watched Rupert Grint's new film Wild Target and she keeps telling me to go and watch it because it is really funny; the trailer does look good even for a low budget, British film (two generally toxic combinations, sorry to say).

The Serge Gainsbourg film, I mentioned here ages ago, is going to be released in the UK nationwide on the 30th July, I can't wait! I also can't wait for the release of Johnny Depp's animation film in 2011 entitled Rango, it looks amazing.