All these images are from a book called Romance by Chris Craymer, which you can purchase for £35. All the images in the book are in deed related to love, so if your someone who gets sick by loved up couples this isn't the book for you, but for those on the other hand like me, who think 'how cute' or a weird sensation of happiness that such love does exist, and I say weird because the majority of songs I listen to make love sound like a thorn on a rose; you forget it's there and get lured in by the scent or appearance of the rose, and that's when you feel the wrath of the thorn; awakening you from your enchanting world. Oh, and if you need more of an incentive to buy the book, Mulberry liked Craymer's pictures so much that they've sponsored his book and plan to use his images for their window display, now that is what I call good publicity.

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