Have a lovely weekend!

Coldplay - Yellow (It's a beautiful/warm fuzzy feeling song)

If you get time you should check out MK & Ashley Olsens f/w collection,
the catwalk is a hundred times better than any images I've seen; it really brings the clothes to life:

There's just no mercy in your eyes child

Source: CQC
"I'm just a painful reminder that you're a fool to satisfy." -BRMC

The first ever leather jacket I bought was a real vintage bikers jacket, so it looked slightly big on me even though it was the right size. I wanted the jacket because of this amazing video and song:

Watch from 3:30 onwards for a better glimpse of the jacket; it's worn almost exactly the same as the above image on the right.

"I love the quiet of the night time...

(1) google; (2) neon signs of happiness; (3-4) Fashion Squad

...when the sun has drowned in a deathly sea." - White Lies

Anyone else seen these beauties? I want a pair; they are the perfect subtle statement shoes.

Today I experienced one of those days I would rather not relive; but the irony to it is that the emotion filled day brought me closer to somebody I've wanted to be close to for a while now.

I only have eyes for you

L to R: CQC, Turned Out

Sometimes all you need is a simple statement jacket or blazer.

I like how the Balenciaga blazer on the right is worn with a cool bohemian bag; it makes the look less formal and more importantly individualistic.

The male model on the right is Johannes Linder, he is one of a few male equivalents of female supermodels; he has worked with a lot of fashion designers and it's obvious why.

Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.

Translation: The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. - Blaise Pascal

I've enjoyed seeing the entries for Scott Schuman's vintage photo contest and reading their stories.

I have a coat exactly the same as the one on the right from Zara, I wrote in a post how I was contemplating to buy it.

I forgot how amazing: Arctic Monkeys - 505

A glimpse of my other life...

Above the Oxfam shop pictured is a restaurant that I've always wanted to visit just because of how intriguing it looks from the outside . My reason for finally visiting it was to take pictures for ideas of how to convert an educational use building into a restaurant for a coursework assignment.

There are stairs leading up to the restaurant and the image on the right is what you are greeted with when you get to the top -The Larder on Goosegate it informs me.

The image on the right is the staircase area leading up to the restaurant -I like the fact there is a bay window inside. The image on the right is inside the beautiful small restaurant; the bar is tiny.

The door next to the picture frames is the entrance door pictured in the second image above.

I'm still completely mesmerised by how discreet this amazing restaurant is, and it's literally on my door step and I've just discovered its beauty now.

Lesson of the day: don't procrastinate on doing something new.

Edit: The restaurant was formally a small herbalist's shop that became the pharmaceutical giant Boots!


"Come sleep on the beach, keep within my reach. I just want to die with you near. I'm feeling so high with you here." - The Beatles

"Now if I can feel the sun in my eyes and the rain on my face, why can't I feel love?" - Joan Armatrading

Photography by Kazuki Nagayama (CQC)

"I once was lost but now I'm find, was blind but now I see you." - Cat Power

"Must I dream and always see your face?" - Jeff Buckley

source: Bob Dylan

"Living just to keep going. Going just to be sane." - The Black Keys

I really like the song Tighten Up from The Black Keys new album; I plan to see them live again this year and I can't wait!

My sister spoke to Laura Marling recently; who is the main reason why she started her anti-folk band.

I think I'm a little bit, a little bit in love with you.

(1) neon signs of happiness; (2, 5) Monki; (3) Childhood Flames; (4) Weekday

I bought a slightly sheer black waistcoat top from Uniqlo which I'll post when I get time; I still want more sheer garments.

This post was partly inspired by a post done by blogger Scarfff; I hope you all had a great weekend.

Listening to: Lykke Li - Little Bit

The white blouse/shirt

No top is greater than the silk blouse or the crisp white shirt.

Edit: Fashion Toast has done a similar beautiful yet different post.

ring around the roses a pocket full of posies

Sometimes I'm not sure how you do what you do...

...but I like it.

Why am I here when you're over there?

(1) Lilisfashion; (2) Stephanie Seymour; (3) The Stylish Wanderer

The jacket pictured above is from H&M around March! I first thought it was vintage but it's definitely something I've missed out on and when I get time I maybe on the look out for an embellished vintage jacket.

The above dress worn by Stephanie Seymour and the shoes pictured on the right are perfect.

I hate the way you love.

source: style.com

I've never been one for animal print or bold colours either but Emanuael Ungaro's Fall 2010 collection is genius. I don't even know how to describe why the above looks are perfect when they shouldn't be. I can imagine rich socialites *cough* Olivia Palmero...dressing like the above looks to lavish, once in a life time formal (I know, they aren't formal looks to you and me) events held by the unknown elite in the fashion industry.

The first image on the second row, is the perfect example of how to add colour to a look that consists of an oversized black blazer. Estrella Archs, the designer of the collection, looks amazing in all black -I want an oversized jacket/coat like that.

Have a great, sunny weekend...picnics, bicycles and ice-cream!

Don't teach me a lesson 'cause I've already learned

source: mr.newton and rackk and ruin

Simplicity is key for spring and summer looks that's why I really like the above black and white street style looks.

Whose that girl that you dream of?

Photography by Guy Eppel.

If you live in the UK Gap have a 30% discount off everything from the 22nd April - 2nd May and H&M are currently having a sale of more than 50% off some items.

ITV1 the leaders debate was completely boring, but I think Nick Clegg did an amazing job for the Lib Dems and I've yet to find a reason to like Mr. Cameron and his merry men...

Beautiful songs: The Kills - Goodnight Bad Morning and Mazzy Star - Into Dust

When can we get together again? Never mind, I've lost you.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designed menswear for The Row.

My verdict: pure brilliance in a bowl of simplicity.

Be a simple kind of man.

(1) photography by sebastian kim; (2) style savage

"As I turn up the collar on my favourite winter coat this wind is blowin' my mind." - MJ

Daffodils, buttercups and dandelions...

I really like the above looks from Samantha Pleet's s/s 2010 collection; I want it all. I was obsessed with burgundy throughout winter and I still am but without the passion, so I definitely like the last two looks.

Asos are selling their very own version of Chloë Sevigny's suede buckle boots for Opening Ceremony for £40; they are selling a grey version and a black version. I have to admit they don't look too bad, the grey version is the best. There is something about the material of the shoes that's stopping me from fully appreciating the breadth and length Asos have gone to supply their fellow fashionistas with the chance to own what they have craved for so longwithout the hefty price tag.

Amazing noise: Phoenix - 1901

Cross your arms and tell no lies

click image for source.

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." - U2

She smelled of daisies, it drove me crazy.

Summer coats (two words that don't sound right together).

The first, third and last images are from Aubin & Willis's s/s editorial, the image entitled Giorgio Armani is from Another Man magazine.

Edit: the sunglasses that I posted that I didn't know where they were from, well blogger Clara informed me they were from Asos; I was happily shocked, thanks.

Listening to: Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays (not for a Monday related reason).

You would rather I didn't try.

I'm back in Nottingham living independently as a student :/ throughout the two hour journey getting here I was reading the above issue of Stella from The Sunday Telegraph and I liked Kate Nash's overall look on the cover. There is so much more to her than meets the eye (I read her comeback story) but unfortunately I'm not a fan of her music.

I also bought the above perfect summer shorts from Muji which have two more discreet pockets at the back; the shorts look creased because I wore them the next day after buying them. :)

Anyone who has a COS store in their city there is a 30-50% sale on at the moment!

My last post till next week, have a great weekend.

Veronica B. Vallenes

The first three images are from her s/s 08 collection that I like, and the other images are from her a/w 10 collection. I like the soft colours and how the clothes create an amazing silhouette on the models body.

I'd rather dance with you

source: garance dore and sofie (second sunglasses)

You know when summer is approaching because you start to notice more people riding bicycles, anywhere with grass becomes filled with people in bright colours and everyone seems much more happier and relaxed.

The above summer dress is the perfect summer dress and I really like how she is wearing it. The first sunglasses are by Charles Anastase and I'm not sure where the second amazing pair are from.

The Olsen designed wedge shoes I briefly mentioned in my previous post.

There's too many words left unsaid.

source: mary-kate (unknown)

"You are so cool. You are so rock 'n' roll." - The Subways

Mary-Kate Olsen photographed by Carter Smith for US Elle 2008.

When I'm in an anarchist mood I crave shoes like the above leather riding boots which I associate with Patti Smith, partly because they were designed by one of her favourite designers, and also they look like something she would wear. I would live in the Givenchy studded peep-toe boots regardless of what mood I was in; they look similar to the shoes Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen have designed for their own label.


...your colours. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of pink but Garance Dore has sold it to me.

My highlight of today was when I went to a morning church service, when it got quiet half way through a child said loudly to his aunt: "Auntie do you like dragons?" Me and my sister felt like laughing but we managed to suppress the urge.

On another note, I've managed to eat half a Lindt chocolate bunny, so I now have a headless chocolate rabbit. :/

My favourite song by Mumford and Sons is entitled Liar; it's emotions in their raw element.


Have a great Easter Sunday. :)

Busy again.

source: vintage store (unknown)

When I'm busy I tend to post blog entries that I never got round to posting such as the above. I liked the blend of subtle grey and green in her look and the addition of the colorful handkerchief. I also like how her shoes perfectly coordinate with the entire look which annoys me when I'm deciding on what to wear, and how in the above image you can just about see her tattoo.

When I think of spring, I think of cherry blossom trees.

Edit: The vintage store is Black Velvet Circus, thanks to Thrills and Frills blogger Elizabeth; If you like the above you won't regret viewing her blog entry here.

There is an amazing new song by Caribou I think you should all listen to, the video is also quite cool in an artistic way: Caribou - Odessa