This is currently my list of what I would like to purchase from now till the following month. I've been lusting for ankle wedge boots (particularly black) for a very long time, I've searched high and low for them, until I found the perfect pair on an online Swedish shop called Tres Bien, the shop has many designer items on sale for both men and women, but unfortunately, they've ran out of stock of these shoes. I was more annoyed when I first found out than I am now, yet I can’t learn, my eyes do become teary when I read ‘SOLD OUT’ it’s offensive that it’s done in upper case. However, it means I have more time to search for another pair that could be better (which I doubt) or cheaper (which I'm currently not bothered about) considering these shoes were perfect! 

 I'm also trying to collect a few nice tshirts that I could wear everyday when I feel I have nothing to wear, and black and white print tshirts can be sub-categorised as sophisticated lounge wear, if such a category existed, and you could also wear them to gigs, nights out etc. I really know how to talk myself into buying things. Quite a few bloggers have started designing their own tshirts, just to name a few; Arvida, Kingdom of Style, Susie etc. 

 It's summer, maxi dresses are back along with the flowery print that has increased sales for Topshop. I still want to maintain my androgynous style even in the summer, yet once I get the taste of summer, I do unfortunately begin to jump on the already heavy bandwagon, but I never stay on it for too long, partly because It's uncomfortable feeling like I'm complimenting the masses and also I don't like the bumpy ride of losing my identity to mass production. Tie dye is a fabric style I'm slowly finding myself drawn into this season, and somehow I seem to be seeing a lot of tie dye garments that interest, for instance the two in the above pictures, which are from the etsy shop of blackmarketbaby. If your into your black garments and layered style or even 'rock 'n' roll' her store is one I'd guide you to amongst others.

Source: Arvida tshirt (arvida blog), Boot wedge (tres bien shop: minimarket), V.Westwood tshirt (ebay), The tie dye tshirt dress and the maxi dress (etsy: blackmarketbaby). Image 1 and 2; withasianstereotypes.

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