Margaret Howell a/w 09

I'm a fan of Margaret Howell's clothing lines just for her interesting interpretation of sophistication and casualness. Some people may view her work as blasé, but there is something to be said about blasé work that can manipulate one particular colour into creating a combination of highly respectable, clean cut looks that remain anchored to their roots of respectability, and it is in that essence of work that I view Howell's work as inspirational. I've yet to see the full women's a/w 2009 line, particularly since she predominately specialises in menswear. Though I hope it's equally as enviable as is that of her men's collection and her women's 07 line posted under the mens. Both the mens and women's wear spark a strong resemblance to the 1940s war period, her work echoes of British tradition particularly due to the garments, according to Marie Claire, being "brilliantly cut and crafted, these pieces have real staying power."

I also have to mention that her male model for the a/w 09 campaign, Yuri Pleskun, does an amazing job in visually selling the garments he wears, along with the help of the photographer, Venetia Scott. I particularly like the first image; there is something about his stature that intrigues me.

Follow the line

I love the above look posted by rackkandruin, it comprises everything I'm trying to go for; sophistication, casualness and an effortless look all rolled into one. I want those trousers in my life! I love how she's also wearing penny loafers rather than killer heels, because I'm more of a flat shoe person. Though I can be swayed over to the almost killer heels side, particularly if they look as visually appealing as the Michael Kors shoes posted above from the wonderful virtual shop of shoesandyourmom.

J'aime votre français style



Photographer:  Carl W. Heindl

Like Pharrell's expression below, I don't endorse smoking, though I do love this image.

Source: yes please mademoiselle


Magazine: Spread Artculture 

Pharrell Williams makes me smile in these images.


Wow! The above images are from Topman's fall 09 lookbook, perfectly entitled wilderness. I really like all the above looks; the duffel coat, the checked blazer and the neck chain wrapped with drooling chains is amazing.

Edit: Elizabeth from thrills and frills has done a great post of Christopher Kane's collection for Topshop. I'm not immensely excited about it but I do like some of the pieces, check it out here.

Source: rackkandruin

J'adore La France


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I forgot how beautiful the song Clocks by Coldplay is; it sounds like the perfect theme song for my holiday minus a few of the depressing lyrics.


Did anyone else watch that episode of The City, in which Whitney and that evil women had to choose 5 or 7 clothing items for Jessica Alba to wear for the front cover of Elle? I loved the DvF outfit that Whitney picked out; the colours and the design were feminine, elegant and worked perfectly in the shoot, as pictured above in the March 2009 issue of Elle.


Yesterday night I got back from Nice and mid way through flight I was already beginning to get a cold, due to the dramatic change in temperature from around
40° c to 11° c! I instantly began drinking and eating anything hot. I woke up super early considering I had spent hours traveling and arrived home late at night. On another note, why are airports so frustrating! It takes the fun out of holidays. I'll definitely try and get round to posting some images of my holiday.

I've got quite a few blogs I need to catch up on, but I found images for the H&M a/w 09 campaign with Sasha Pivovarova, who I think looks adorable in the campaign. I also like the above images of Angela Lindvall for the a/w 09 H&M magazine. I particularly like everything she is wearing in the first image with the corset, the stripy jumper top looks comfy and I'm still craving to get a silk blouse.

I think I'm ready to fully embrace winter; with hot chocolate and comfy layered clothes, and how I always manage to get attached to wearing scarfs. I'm promising myself to buy one pair of comfy gloves and try my best not to lose them.

Source: Google and Fashion Gone Rogue

Away for a week

Excited! I won't be able to blog until  I come back.


Who doesn't like Zara? Their garments are always classic as they are timeless and edgy.




These are all the pairs of Converse shoes I own. The blue, classic converse, are dirtier than actually pictured because I live in them regardless of the fact that they are not the best shoes for wet weather conditions. It's when I'm away from home at university that I begin to notice my strong dependency on my blue Converse. Hopefully I'll get round to posting images of my lovely Seychelles and Steve Madden platform shoes. 

Elizabeth and James a/w 09

This post officially marks my embrace of autumn style, and the end of summer. The first image of Mary-Kate and Ashley is cute and funny; I love their dresses in the second image.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's a/w 09 line, I've never wanted a blazer so bad. I'm partly looking for blazers to wear for interviews but I'd also like to be able to wear it casually. I've currently got my eyes on one in Zara which in my city is out of stock in my size! :/

Source: Elle Canada


I've never wanted to get black leather leggings until now. I don't know if it's the fact I could do that look with the many types of Converse I own, or the fact it looks interestingly different to the typical black stiletto killer heels women seem to wear the leggings with. 

I saw a friend yesterday who I hadn't seen for ages, and she used to dress like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, I completely envied her style. Until yesterday, she looked to say the least like she had lost all her influences back in college and now she was dressed not like her normal self it was weird but she as always looked amazing in what she wore.

Source: A.W.W


The first image is of Rihanna at a Sonia Rykiel show, the second is of her wearing a Balmian jacket and the last two are from the recent AMAs'. I've begun to love her style and I think she is very stunning; she pulls off looks that I don't think on anyone else would look as good.



A few images I've liked. The second image, was styled by blogger waybeyondfabric, you should click on the link below to see more! The first image shows the perfect way to wear all black without looking depressed or like your going to a funeral. I absolutely fell in love with the last image; the colours, her trousers, the pose, I want everything she's wearing. The last image is from Ponytail magazine.