You like music we can dance to.

Left: Preen pre-fall 2010 and Right: Amazing photograph that reminds me of the music video for White Lies song Death, which I've always felt it is a great but odd summer song -just look at the name of the song.

I'm going to Nottingham tomorrow; all my exam and coursework results are coming out soon -I'm going to try and keep my fingers, toes and any flexible limb crossed.

I'm completely soaking up the weather before it turns miserable. I've never spent so much time in my garden for years! My sister bought a badminton set today (a former family loved sport) which me and her plan to play tomorrow before I go off to Nottingham (home away from home). :)

I've got to see you one more time.

(1, 3, 4) IKWYWLS; (2) unknown.

How amazing would you feel to wear one of the above dresses?!

I've been reading Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe and it feels like a guilty pleasure...

...there are some amazing lines and tips in the book I'll post for you all.

Shocking defeat by Germany in Wednesday's World Cup (quarter finals?)!!

Until you have it all you won't be free.

The look on the left is from Kenzo's resort 2011 collection and I love the Patti Smith/Charlotte Gainsbourg look about it, and I want to find a better picture of the boots. The look on the right is from Hermès resort 2011 collection and I like the entire look particularly the French knotted scarf.

The image on the right was taken by Scott Schuman and I love the entire look. Zara are selling a lot of shirt dresses on sale so this image is a great inspirational look of how to wear one in a less common way. I think her amazing blazer is by Chloé; I was slightly bored with Chloé's resort collection but I liked the above look (the blazer looks like a cape).

Tracy Reese is a new designer to me but I like the above looks from her resort collection except the shoes; the look on the left is slightly sheer which makes it pretty cool for the summer. They look a bit like Whitney Port looks which isn't a bad thing but it depends on whether you like her style or not.


Kenzo's resort collection (previously mentioned) had the perfect collection of summer suits for the man about town.

Céline resort 2010; if the above models were street style images I would be more amazed then I already am about the looks; it's sophisticated, casual and quite brilliant (anyone who can wear a glittery/sparkly jumper and still look formal rather than tacky or like a Christmas bauble is cool).

source: CQC

Alexander McQueens S/S 2010 collection - I love the above looks the first one is quite Parisan or Jamie Hince and the second one seems Etonian.

Alexa Chung in Vogue China (I think), I personally don't really like the looks but I thought you would all like to see them.

I'm off to enjoy the sun, I won't be blogging till next Friday or sooner (which I'm sure will go fast)!

Enjoy the weather and have fun :)

Edit: I may end up getting dragged into watching Germany beat England today...

Betty Jackson S/S 10

I think of cute PJ's with this look but the bag is amazing.

I like how the bold lime green dress is separated with a black waist bow and the purple slip slightly visible underneath it.

It's girly, messy, frilly and cute what's there not to like? The model on the left looks like she has a cigarette in her hand which makes the look more like Amy Winehouse.

You may have seen or heard of Betty Jackson in Debenhams because she has a mainline collection and a high street collection (I think).

You can view the rest of the mainline collection here.

I'm in love with this song: Born Ruffians - What to Say.

Inspirational women.

Net-a-porter interview featured in their recent magazine issue.

Reed Krakoff resort 2011

I love the soft grey and cream colour combination of the first look and the trench coat is amazing! The second look has the perfect balance of flesh and black and the brown shoes just make the look perfect, though I'm slightly unsure about the cropped shirt.

I love everything about the look on the left; the tailored trousers, the bag (which is the perfect size) and even the cropped shirt which makes the look young. The second look is a perfect play on formal and fun.


The look on the left is daring but would look quite cool when walking on a beach. The look on the right is very Stella McCartney from the soft colours to the sandals and I've always liked the sleeveless long coat look combined with a clutch bag to make the entire look less heavy.

I also loved Céline's combination of block colours in their resort 2011 collection which you can view on Fashion Bits and Bobs blog, the link also contains some of his favourite resort 2011 collections.

The Row resort 2011

The first look with the green shirt is from Chloe's spring 2010 collection which when I first saw it I instantly thought of as a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look and oddly enough I was right. In the Olsen's resort 2011 collection for The Row they have created a similar look (image next to the Chloe look) that is more sombre yet light to distinguish it from being a pre-fall collection though it is hard to do so even for the entire collection when you realise how much dark colours and tailored clothes dominate the collection.


I surprisingly don't like everything, some of it makes me question what they were thinking and other looks seem to be unoriginal and I can't help but think of COS, but I do like the above looks.

I think The Row is MK and Ashley Olsen's opportunity to actually market what they would actually wear and it provides them with a more unrestricted chance to let their imaginations run wild rather than mixing this with their Elizabeth and James brand which is far more commercially marketed.

Preen Resort 2011

I really like the above looks; the full dress and skirt, the length of the shorts and how they are combined with a slouchy top and the detail of the shirt.

|Le voyage de Penelope|

(1, 3) Image Amplified; (2) Turned Out.

I had to do a post on the above editorial in Amica Magazine entitled Calipso, the above images are my favourite but I liked the whole editorial (which is rare); and the street style look is equally inspirational in re-interpreting the editorial -I may attempt the look.


L: Scott Schuman; R: Zara

Milan men's fashion week is exciting and inspiring, a great blog covering the fashion week from a guys perspective is White Blank Page.

The amazing trench coat (which wouldn't be so without the belt) on the right is from Zara women's wear.

Simple summer chic, you can't go wrong.

L: own; R: Stil in Berlin

I bought the above blouse from my sister who bought it from H&M; I particularly like how the back of the blouse is longer than the front and that it has a pocket.

The above guy is a model at Milan fashion week and his blouse is vintage, but I like how he has worn a band t-shirt underneath it. I wore the blouse straight away after I bought it from my sister; I wore it with my Uniqlo waistcoat over it and leggings because the blouse is long.


"Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past."

"If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed."

"You don't need human relationships to be happy, God has placed it all around us."

"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences."

source: (1, 3) Photography by Margaret Durow via Fashion Bits And Bobs and (2, 4) Photography by Pedro Ramos.

I watched Into The Wild this week and it was an inspirational, soul reviving film that I thought was amazing hence the above quotes from the film.

Listening to: Scott Matthews - Is This Love (Bob Marley cover).
source: Tendencias issue #153 via CQC

COS spring/summer sale starts tomorrow.


I love the Olsen look of combining diamonds with a band t-shirt.

The necklaces above Alexa Chung are by Tom Binns who I think is one of the most creative jewellery designers.

The necklace next to Alexa Chung was designed by herself for Mawi which I'm actually impressed with.


I'm in love with the above blouse by Alexander McQueen's fashion label.

Let's go somewhere where the sun never sets

Fantastic Man via
real life is elsewhere

I was once told:

A gentleman will always try to remain modest regardless of the climate whereas a dandy will always try to remain in-vogue regardless of the climate.

I can never remember which one you are, but for what it's worth, you photograph rather well doing something that equates to nothing.

I live the 70s dream

"I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations." - Allen Ginsberg, America.

The 70s gave us musical artists such as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Lou Reed (I love his voice), Iggy Pop and The Stooges, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Who, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones and many more great artists that have influenced current artists.

There was a large number of social movements including feminist movements, racial equality and gay rights movement.

The 70s was all about being who you were, poets were seen as one of the coolest people in society partly because they were similar to musicians except they were more modest about their talent.

You can't mention the 70's without mentioning Timothy Leary who some say the 70s wouldn't be what it is without him.

It was the non-conventional anarchist, them vs. us era.

I can't decide, you choose.

(1) unknown; (2) Jazzimcg; (3) The Selby

Bags, jewellery, shoes or puppies?

I've become enchanted by the Olsen twins and Rachel Zoe, I love their love of the 70s/bohemian look and vintage. I've always liked the Olsen twins but somehow I like them more now and I never really acknowledged Rachel Zoe.

In the second image I like the yellow dress against her shoes, bag (which I like) and rings -the contrast makes the look perfect.

The cutest dog ever with an eclectic range of amazing bling.

smile with your heart and seduce with your eyes.

The lookbook images for Alexa's F/W collection for Madewell are now out and the above images are my favourite looks.

To sum up the collection in three words: simple, feminine and young.

I heard you had such a bad time without me.

Malene Birger's summer collection, I love everything about these looks; check out the dress here.

Rebecca Taylor's summer collection; yes to the silk floral skirts and white strapless top.

Katie Holmes + Olivia Palmero.

Two totally different women looking amazing in their casual individual looks.


I bought the above floral blouse quite recently from The Loved One shop on thanks to Elizabeth from Thrills and Frills who read my plea for a floral blouse. I love the blouse, it looks amazing with anything particularly a black high-waisted skirt; it is completely sheer which makes it more perfect for this overwhelmingly hot weather If I wear a black tube top, the top is also passable for a going out look with a clutch bag.

The slightly sheer black wasitcoat top next to the blouse is from Uniqlo and I briefly mentioned in a past post that I would post an image of it. The top has a double layer, the top layer is sheer and slightly longer than the layer underneath which isn't sheer but slik.

Browsing a few old issues of i-D I came across the above Stella McCartney look that I remember liking when I first saw it, so I decided to sneak it into this post.

I have a friend who finds the most amazing vintage clutch bags that I'm always in awe of when we go out together, so I decided to go in search for one and I thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. There were a lot of dusty, untouchable, beyond vintage bags that clearly had passed their expiration date until I saw the above bag which was a dark royal blue that was simple, classic and the most elegant vintage clutch bag I had seen; it also looked really good against what I was wearing at the time.

I'm not sure what French magazine the image of the woman in the striped top is from but I loved it. The scarf adjacent to the woman is a scarf I got as a birthday present from a friend years ago that I only ever wear in the summer and when I feel like wearing colour, but the red is so vibrant which makes me love and hate the scarf.

Shirts and shorts in the summer -my shirt is from Gap and it has thin stripes that are not visible in the above image; when I wear it casually I always roll up the sleeves -I really like the white shirt/blouse pictured adjacent to it.

Robyn has a catchy new song entitled Dancing On My Own; lyrically it's similar to a lot of her other songs but the video is quite cool and it features a dress from Alexander Wang's s/s 10 collection and Chloe Sevigny's multi buckle wedge shoes.

Have a great weekend! x