Carpe Diem.

My blog is going on hiatus and I won't be blogging until after September 2012 because I'm going to be spending 10 weeks in Malawi doing voluntary work. I'm not sure if I'll even have any followers by then or when exactly I'll resume blogging but I'll definitely do a blog post about my experience.

Thank you to all those that have been following me! I've posted the above video because I'd like to think it perfectly encapsulates my philosophy on life (ignoring the Red Bull endorsement) which I'd like to pass onto you: never stop challenging yourself! x

Love can be found in...

I'm not really a romantic but I do have my Cinderella-thought moments.

Chic and edgy.

source: timetogetpaid; scott schuman and unkown.

I would like my style to be a beautiful mesh of all these looks.

Hold tight

"No man ever can keep that girl from moving on. Easy as she comes by, Easy as she's gone."

"...and don't you know I'd hold you. If I could find a way. If I could only catch you. If only you would stay."

The editorial on the left is from hero #7 and can be viewed here in its glorious entirety. The looks on the right are from twenty8twelve's s/s12 collection - the looks aren't exciting but the model sells them well.

The quotes under the images are from a beautiful song by Girls entitled 'Love Like A River'.

Summer breeze.

source: vogue, fashion in a crowd, unknown.

White-on-white in the summer equals a definite fashion winner (just make sure not to sit on grass). I think the woman in the top image on the left has got the perfect length trousers especially since their white. I really like the white blazer in the Mango look coupled with a belt - it tidies up the look if you need that formal edge.

For S/S look I'll probably always be a fan of the shirt blouse plus shorts you just can't go wrong with it.

I'm not a fashion serious blogger but I dabble in the arts (as is obvious) and I like to portray this in my looks: I call it being 'fashion conscious'. One of my favourite 'fashion conscious' celebrities is actress Kristen Stewart (the above image is unflattering) - she obviously knows what suits her and yet she couldn't care less if it was hot or not.

To be near to the sea.

source: scott schuman, visual optimism.

There is a nautical vibe to this post. I really like all these looks particularly the editorial looks - there's style ideas to be taken.

With the amazing weather we've been having I thought I'd mention a previous summer themed blog post that I still like: I heart summer.

Take a walk on the formal side.

source: visual optimism; fashionising.

All the above looks are of Donna Karen's 2012 Pre-Fall collection. The editorial image is from Harper's Bazaar June/July 2012 issue.

The top image on the right reminds me of this street style look taken by Scott Schuman: I like the contrast of femininity and masculinity.

For similar reasons to the top image, the bottom images are amazing. The man's style (because it's formless) oversized coat contrasts brilliantly with the model revealing her legs and her earrings.