I do Apologise

The first time since first acknowledging Peaches Geldof I can actually say, as much as it pains me, she looks good, in the above image. I like her geisha style make up, not too heavy and not too tacky, and her Jerry Hall hair style. I also adore her simple classic sophisticated black outfit, for which I can make it. I'm sure If I saw the whole image she's probably wearing a denim mini skirt with horrible shoes. Sorry If you really like her, but she annoys the hell out of me. I just can't stand her constant attention seeking antics, that most celebrities fear. I also have to add that she has over 20 tattoos, which I'd like to see 30 years down the line, particularly if her style drastically becomes more conservative. Conservative and Peaches Geldof just don't sound right together. Ms. Geldof has also done the classic mistake of getting boyfriends name tattooed to her flesh and also letting them tattoo her, because a few months down the line they become bitter constant reminders. The lead vocalist from The Horrors tattooed her, but you didn't know that, not really interesting is it?

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