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Whitney Port from The Hills had an interview with ASOS Women's Magazine (not the best fashion literature). In the reality TV world she has slowly become a style icon for many women, with her sophisticated, classic styles and the finely tuned way in which she dabbles with vintage but manages to restrain her image from looking completely drenched in one type of style. Googling her, did not spring up a lot of beautiful images that truly capture her style on the show, and I wouldn't say her style is greatly of my taste. Before I began to read the article, I had that small lingering fear of what if she's not as compassionate and light hearted as she is on TV, but gladly she did not reach those expectations. I particularly liked how she spoke about not becoming materialistic over her love of fashion. I also liked this quote: 

"When I'm getting ready for work I won't try on a billion outfits, I’ll pull one out, got with it and think, 'No regrets! It's that kind of self-knowledge that gives confidence to a look but it's also about getting to know your body. We all have flaws but we have parts we love too, so I just try to show off my attributes - in my case playing to my height. " 

For those of you more interested in her fashion, her number one tip is to "always accentuate your waist. No matter what your body shape," apparently it is flattering for a woman, and her fashion note for any budding Whitneys’ is that you can never go wrong with a nice pair of heels and beautiful accessories. By the way you may or may not be interested to know she has a clothing line out called Whitney Eve, and unless you've got the Whitney figure, truly like her sometimes mundane image and live in a constant hot climate, I would advise you not to create unnecessary damage in your wrists through the movement of your mouse in attempting to find her online store. 

On the subject of The Hills, check out Justin Bobby, there are thirteen photos! I'm not going to slander the photographer because she did her best, but can't he smell the bitter stench of try-hard or the arrogant wannabe wild child, I can't seem to make up my mind which one he seems to be exuding most. You can clearly tell he has make up on, which I guess isn't that much of a surprise in this contemporary society. The comments for this picture and his other pictures were beyond vile in my opinion but my favourite for one of the pictures is; "so I guess it's the constant drugs, smoking, drinking, lack of personal hygiene, and showers that get u this permanent look."Well put I say.

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