Working girl.

The two looks at the bottom are taken from Stella McCartney's Prefall collection. My reasoning for liking them is that they would be great formal work looks: I also like the clutch bag in the image on the left.


Rule 1: Keep it simple.

The woman's allure was her dress.

I can feel my fashion style and taste aging and I don't know how much of it to embrace. I've always been perceived as mature for my age which I've always felt, so my aging style taste wouldn't surprise those who know me and doesn't really surprise me; anyway my style taste is completely in love with this collection!

Runway inspiration: continued.

Karen Walker's collection was brilliant (floral for an A/W collection!) as was Mulberry.

I want the above jumper by Jil Sander.

I want it all.

Runway inspiration.

Jumpers and miniskirts is a look I can see becoming a trend; and I would like a pair of wool leggings to wear with a wool jumper and heels.

The pink blazer and 3/4 length leather trousers look is a look you either hate or love and I love it. I think knee-length boots can look great when worn well and when the boots are of a good quality; I see too many middle aged women in bad knee-length boots that I feel totally put off.

This post is to be continued...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I'm not at all immensely infatuated with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but I do like how she can dress in different looks and still exude beauty and elegance, which I guess isn't surprising when you consider her occupation.

Power wiling looks.

Donna Karen Fall 2011: Everything in this collection screams 'luxury'; from the delicate silks to the soft leather. I think any woman would feel elegant, luxurious and powerful wearing any of these looks to a formal event. Just like with flamboyant looks, these looks would also require someone with confidence to do absolute justice to them.


The above collage is taken from The Times on Saturday . I can't say the bright colours and the amazing array of patterns fits in with my current style but I find the overall idea inspiring, plus I like a some of the items as single pieces.


The above words of wisdom are for anyone who is embarking on something new, something testing and potentially challenging. In such moments there is always an element of fear attached to the task, but I try to remind myself of that inspiring saying: feel the fear and do it anyway.

I'm in the process of applying to various places for a graduate job with a well established property firm. It's a dauting process from the filling out of application forms to the rounds of interviews I will have to go through depending on how far I move up the recruitment process.

Changing perceptions.

On the left is Jessica Alba and the two looks on the right are by Yigal Azrouel.

The brilliant image on the left is taken from Scott Schuman's blog and the runway looks on the right are by Yigal Azrouel.

I can't stop replaying this song: The Weeknd - The Birds (part 2)

Live as...

"All through the season I saw a great deal of her, and the atmosphere of mystery never left her. Sometimes I thought that she was in the power of some man, but she looked so unapproachable that I could not believe it. It was really very difficult for me to come to any conclusion for she was like one of those strange crystals that one sees in museums, which are at one moment clear, and at another clouded." -Oscar Wilde, The Complete Short Stories.

Carolina Herrera.

The above beautiful, jaw-dropping looks are by Carolina Herrera, pictured below, for her Fall 2011 collection. I can envisage royal dignitaries such as Charlene Whittstock wearing the above attire.

I love Herrera's sophistcated yet fashionable chic style which creates an enviable Coco Chanel style vibe to her looks.

Her glamorous moment.

If you're going to dress up, why not go all the way and enjoy it?


I'm still infatuated with maxiskirts regardless of their slightly impractical nature.

Rules she must/may abide to.

Most men don't know women have fashion do's and don'ts and if they do, they are most likely to be unaware of how these fashion rules are complicated by our image conscience nature. This largely enivronmental nature contends with our arguably acute awareness of our body shape and height. However, it is that very awareness that allows us to hold stubborn judgements on what accentuates our figure; what boosts our self-esteem and secretly, what makes us look and feel more like the women we envisage to resemble beauty. I would like to believe that no woman, young or old, would willingly allow herself to be shackled to fashion rules that accentuate her physique but not her character, because ultimately, we are all individuals with beautiful unique traits and features that undeniable make us who we are.
Her golden rule was: "I must never get lost within the vortex that is consumerism or be compromised by others in order to be someone I am not!"