The wonders of style.

Net-a-porter's summer looks are perfect!

The skirt in the first look is very similar to the skirt I posted a while ago, except mine is a bit shorter and obviously the pattern is different. What I like most about the looks is the colours, normally when people think of dressing smart they think of dull colours and unflattering clothes but these looks disprove that preconceived notion.

I'd like to think as I get older I won't lose the desire to infuse fashion with practicability and hopefully when I am working in the corporate world I can show that interest within the boundaries of appropriateness. On the subject of the corporate world, I don't know about anyone else but I've loved watching The Apprentice! My favourite person was Susan, but I strongly thought Helen would win but I'm not disappointed with Tom having won. :)

I heart summer.

Two great short films for GANT's spring/summer 11 collection: the first film is for their younger fashion admirers than the film below.


I can't believe that summer is almost over, so I'm trying to enjoy the most of this weather.

The above two autumn looks are by Gap; they make me warm to the realisation of autumns steady approach.

In dreams begin responsibilities.

I think Kate Middleton's drastic drop in weight prior to her wedding and after her wedding is disappointing not least because of how quick she lost the weight, but more so because a lot of young girls look up to her. Having said that, I think she is a great ambassador for Britain and I have liked some of her simple looks though most of them age her by ten years. I think Emma Watson is the perfect role model for young girls: I can't begin to imagine how much pressure she must be faced with to be stick thin.

The looks on the right are from Whistles.

How to wear stripes.

source: whitsles and scott schuman

All these looks are simple, casual yet chic.

I've seen the above dress in Cos but with leather camel coloured pockets which is quite cool, they also have a similar dress with the stripes on the pockets going vertical as opposed to horizontal like the main part of the dress (yes, I've been into Cos recently).


I randomly stumbled upon a 75% sale in Gap recently in which I stumbled across the above skirt and shirt. The skirt which sits on my waist, has a busy black and white pattern, is light and summer perfect plus it has two large pockets. The main reason for purchasing the above white shirt was because of how it conceals the front buttons as you can slightly tell, anyway I'm thinking about wearing it for my graduation ceremony. The out of focus image of a watch underneath the skirt is also a recent purchase and from Muji. I like the fact it's sleek and minimal i.e. not blingy.

P.S: I had ironed the above shirt but then decided to take it with me to Nottingham hence the creases. When it was ironed my mother kept asking me whether I had ironed it or not, that she's now insisting on ironing it herself if I decide to wear it for my graduation ceremony!


The shirt/blouse coupled with the maxi skirt and sandals equals a simple great summer look.

She made it look easy.

I love this collection! It's the small bit of bold colour in the array of pattern, the fit of the clothes and the fashionable chic vibe the looks give off.

Travelling attire.

source: oh fashion model,

There something in all these looks that I really like and I think they can be recreated at an affordable price. I can imagine important and influential women in the fashion industry being photographed at shows in the above looks, I can also see Zara going for simpler looks in their lookbook.

I really like how subtle the designer (Sarah Burton) behind Alexander McQueen's resort 2012 collection has kept the classic safari park look. The classic combination of white, camel and brown has been elegantly put together and the animal print bag cements the whole safari park, travel look. The look underneath the Amica magazine cover shows how simple it is to turn a white dress into a sophisticated travel look and I love the combination of grey and camel in the look adjacent to it. I have to also add that the not-so tight bun in the model's hair adds an element of casualness to the quite sophisticated looks which is well thought out: I really like the collection.