source: The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Just Jared and Zara.

Sorry for the absent blogging, I've just been a bit busy. For the past few days my style has just been wearing different scarves with my three-quarter sleeve blazer, jeans and my black suede flats from Gap.

I think I've found the watch I might get for myself, click here I also like this one, click here.

Those lines.

Look away if you don't like stripes and try to avoid looking at the Olsen's 2012 resort collection for The Row.

Can you ever have too many variations of stripes in a single look? Well, the Olsens have put that question to the test and I think they have just about pulled it off. I say just about because most of the looks remind me of pajamas but I like the above two stripe dominated looks from the collection. I have to also mention, I really like the stripy slouchy pullover in the above street style image and how she has paired her look with red shoes (which I'm not fond of) that add character to the look.

The Row's 2012 resort collection has also made me drawn to the colour mint, particularly because of this look.

It was her only secret.

source: scott schuman, chloe shoes and chloe bag.

She boldly informed me that all I needed was a beautiful bag and an elegant pair of shoes: everything else to her was simply decoration.

source: scott schuman, unknown.

I might not be able to blog for the rest of this week, so have a great week. :)

It was all about her watch.

I would like to get a watch as a late birthday present or a graduation present.

Edit: I'm on the look out for ideas of what sort of watch to get.

Casual days.

source: stockholm streetstyle, cafe mode, oh fashion model, turned out.

I went to my graduation ball this week, I'll post an image of the dress I wore when I get a chance to. The dress received a lot of compliments from people I knew and didn't know (which is a great combination). So having attempted to dance for hours in the slightly heavy silk dress and heels (it was a long dress by the way), I'm appreciating the ability to mindlessly throw on a combination of clothes to create a casual practical look, though I don't think I do it as effortlessly chic as the above street style looks. I think it's because I'm bored with my wardrobe...

You and I.

source: oh fashion model

A quote from On the Road by Jack Kerouac:

'Oh a girl like that scares me,' I said. 'I'd give up everything and throw myself on her mercy and if she didn't want me I'd just as simply go and throw myself off the edge of the world.'

Sunday read:

source: The Sunday Times

I have to confess I'm slightly intrigued in the Middleton's sense of style just because it's sophisticated, minimal and do-able.

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

What makes you...

source: stockholm street style; topshop; zara; cafe mode; oh fashion model.

I like shoes just as much as I like bags. I like the different colours, shapes, materials and sizes they come in.

I particularly like how shoes and bags can alter your view on a look. All the bags pictured in the above street style images add an admirable certain 'je ne sais quoi' (a quality that is difficult to describe) to their looks.

The first black bag on the right is by Marc B and can be found on Topshop's website; and the bag underneath it which is available in a cream colour, is from Zara.

She tried.

The above look by Zara is my current favourite summer look with the miniskirt that I mentioned it in a previous post.

If you're not great with bold block colours like me, just keep it simple and basic by combining it with a white blouse/shirt.

The black jeans don't really fit in with this collage but I do like her simple look, plus you could just imagine her jeans were a bold colour... :)

Femme Fatale.

It's great to find bloggers with a similar fashion style (the above collage is my own).

I really like this blog at the moment: Dead Fleurette.

Beauty is wisdom.

Ultimately, beauty is subjective. I was not only mesmerised by Chelsea Zalophany's Isabel Marant shoes (pictured above), but her book case was intriguing. I managed to spot a few novels that I've read, particularly from her collection of Salinger novellas.

Have a great weekend!

Nothing to lose.

source: garance dore, stockholm streetstyle.

These images speak for themselves.