Air in a Lung

The first two images in my opinion would be classified as political art or statement art. I’m not sure who painted the pieces, but they interest me; from the outer substance and the subliminal messages from the artists. The first image states, ‘This joke isn't funny anymore.’

Kate Moss galore, nothing more to elaborate on; incredible.

The last image is of Hampton Court Palace, the beauty of the craftsmanship is remarkable. Architecture and detail is something that’s always captivated me with buildings and other subjects. I have to say whilst moving to Nottingham Watson Fothergil has become an architect I have grown to admire. His work and talent runs through many buildings within the city that I am fortunate to be able to witness. I also like how he changed his name from Fothergil Watson to Watson Fothergil; this confuses my lecturers. I will take pictures of my favourite buildings by Fothergil and post them on my blog.

Images from: fashionambition 

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