You could be My End

Already causing a stir with their ablum title Visiter this intentional misspelling is just a glimpse of the world that is, The Dodos. Coming from the land of dreams with their psychedelic folk rock, this band have a lot more to offer than misspelled words. Their second album Visiter, released in March of 2008, was well received by critics. Some highlights off the album, for me include “Winter”, “Red and Purple”, “Fools” and “Paint the Rust”. Their music is variant, due to the different rhythmic patterns and sounds used in each song, which is partly because lead singer Meric Long studied West African Ewe drumming whilst Loagen Kroeber had been experimenting with drumming in the area of progressive metal. I still remember seeing this band live last year, I remembering the rush of adrenaline I got whilst watching them play it was a tense compact intimate session. The two American friends were also quite funny, and Loagen Kroeber signed my cd, I felt like a child, but I really saw them as one of the best live acts of my life! I'm going to see them live again this year, I can't wait.

Album: 10/10

Lyrics: 8/10

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