Screaming Lights

Frightening, mysterious and exciting are the words I would use to describe Screaming Lights. I have been fortunate enough to be graced within their presence. The lead vocalist, Jay Treadell, is multi-talented, not only does he sing, he also plays guitar, synth, piano and writes all the intriguing lyrics; 'trapped like breath on a window, air in a lung'. I think the future in music lies in multi-talented artists because such artists know how to keep their music alive and variant, through distributing different elements of themselves into their music when one style gets tedious and begins to wither in popularity. Their band name when delved into compliments their music, because their songs vary from heavy shouting as in GMN, a must listen to which they have released, and soft light-hearted songs such as Butterflies or Air In A Lung. Oddly enough, Treadell reminded me of Kurt Cobain, partly because of his blonde hair and clothing style, but I feel there was something raw and sensitive about his talent. When I saw the band live the energy and emotion that flowed from the stage was heart wrenchingly beautiful, it was the first time in a very long time I had seen a live act become completely immersed in their music, and what made Treadell more astounding was how he was such a small, thin guy with so much energy and a loud voice. Unfortunately once their set was over they stormed out of the room, and just like that, one of the best live acts for me, this year, were gone. 

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Abby said...

I really like this band too, and have seen them live twice. Their album is a breath of fresh air and really I hope to see more from them. I met them too and they are friendly guys. Nice review :)