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Vahina Giocante looking amazing as always alongside Liya Kebede dressed casually. Winter is the season for grey, velvet and unfortunately fur, and I've always been a Stella McCartney fan, hence the last two images. I'm not one to celebrate halloween, and to be honest never have been, but I do enjoy the halloween spirit that touches down on everyone. I really liked what fashion toast wore last year, which was as her own DIY princess from the never ending story, very out of the box.


I've had this image stored on my laptop for ages, and have never had any reason to post it. I can't begin to express my love for this image, I could go on and on, but I thought I'd share it and finally relieve my laptop of the memory. I'm not sure where the image is from, but I'm pretty sure it was taken from rackk and ruin's blog.

Don't underestimate me

Source: J.Crew (l), Gap (c) and Alexa Chung (r)

I'm not one for wearing shirts, and I actually think it's rare to see young people wearing shirts, but the above Gap campaign, in the centre, and Alexa Chung, on the right, have really made me want to attempt the look. I also had to add the campaign image of Liya Kebede, one of my all time favourite models, for J.Crew. I think she looks amazing in the campaign and I would probably feel a huge urge to buy that blazer or at least find it, if I was in the store.

I don't know if it's age or just me changing, but I now get drawn to simplicity and the power of wearing less to create a statement rather than wearing more and I don't mean walking around semi-naked; more like when you see someone wearing something like a trench coat or a shirt, and your somehow unexplainably drawn to the look.


Feast your eyes on the beauty of Chloé's fall 09 accessories. They all look so delicate and glamourous which means 
they are totally out of my price range. The first image is taken from Jak & Jil's blog, and is from  Cholé's 2010 line.


I love this entire look; I would definitely be mesmerised and envious by the above woman
if she walked past me. One of the best street style looks I've seen in a while!

Fairy Dust and Lollipops

Source: idiötéqúe and lookbook

The first, third and fourth images are taken from the amazing photography work from a tumblr entitled idiötéqúe, the creator is quick to state he is not an art student, though it's clearly evident he should be. The second image is of a 15 year old boy, Jesper,  from lookbook who instantly caught my eye with his cool trick-of-the-eye, psychedelic yet simple designed t-shirt; and I love the way his worn it; very new age rock 'n' roll.

My style is some how always torn between vintage/casual and avant garde/formal, and I think it sort of reflects my music taste which varies from nirvana to bombay bicycle club, bombay bicycle club to M.I.A and M.I.A. to Patti Smith. I can only began to imagine what people on my traditional (generic style) course think of my drastic change in style from day-to-day. The only probably with vintage is getting the right size, oh and making sure you look like you know how to wear it /pull it off. Avant garde/formal is my reset mode, for those "I can't be bothered", "time to switch it up a bit" or "I've out worn every vintage item I own" moments. What's your style like? :)


I've never been a Kelly Osbourne fan, purely for the fact that I felt she was trying to please too many people who weren't willing to budge on their stubborn stance of not liking who she was. Now years later after spending her entire awkward teenage years, under the infamous microscope of the callous media, she has finally evolved into the swan, she so deserved to be through her unflattering hair dye, wig fascination and her numerous accounts of dieting era that unjustly landed her in every paper known to Western society. Now, she seems proud of who she is and is not willing to conform to any aspirations placed before her, and it almost seems like she has found her identity amidst the continuous criticisms. I just hope she hasn't just become this stylish young woman because of her model (literally) boyfriend, either way I would applaud Kelly Osbourne.

Polka dot

Source: zimbo

Apart from the fact Ms. Deyn looks utterly amazing in this entire look, I think it's a look I would love to attempt without the ultra cool glasses (if you can call them that); the look is taken from Michael Kors spring '09 line.

Lost Message

Source: Vanessa Jackman and Scott Schuman

I was completely in awe of these two looks when I saw them; I love the leather worn out jacket, which fits her form perfectly and gives her this laid back rock look. I really like how she is wearing light, soft colours  with the jacket and hasn't reached for the default look of chains and anything black. Note to self, experiment more with colour, look 2 is simply colour perfection; I wonder how long it took him to decide on those colours. 

Starry Eyes

I'm not a huge fan of Agyness Deyn but when she was with Albert Hammond Jr. I was infactuated with her style, because in my eyes Albert Hammond Jr. is the male version of Alexa Chung, he just always seems to be cool not matter where he is or what he is doing; and I think his style influenced Deyn and I somehow began noticing her style more. 

Single Frame.

Source: AltaMiraNYC

What's wrong if blazers are still in? They can make you look formal and casual at the same time. In the above images, boots seem to be the best combination with blazers. I think it's because it provides that level of informality that instantly takes you out of the pigeon hole of being a 'suit' without having to trendy wear heels for the extra height. Yet, I do love the look of the flat shoes, with the use of jeans for the casualness, but why patent, am I just out of touch on that trend?

Lyell a/w 09

Source: Lyell

I really like Lyell's a/w 09 lookbook, it's just simple, elegant and autumn! Don't you just hate it when the most beautiful look by a designer, is unpractical for the season? Where are the thick scarfs, socks and gloves that we all have to wear. I think tweed will always be in, for every winter season; the tweed shorts, above, look cool. The last image is from a previous a/w lookbook and I paired alongside it a beautiful bag, which comes in beige and blue, and oxford style shoes from J.Crew.

The Eternal

Source: The Sartorialist, Hedi Slimane and Fashion Bits and Bobs.

I haven't really felt in the blog posting mood lately, mostly because of feeling uninspired but Pascal Grob has given me the inspirational feeling I needed. I really like his photography and style, which should be obvious to my regular followers. Hedi Slimane and Scott Schuman are two other photographers who can do no wrong in my books. I've always wanted a floppy hat, but I don't think I could pull it off, but it's great to see other people work it.

Lady of the House.

Source: marie claire

I'm a huge fan of silk, especially when used to soften an edgy look. Most of the above the items can be found on Net-a-porter, and I used the above image of Mary-kate as inspiration for this post.

Blue Skys

I recently stumbled across blogger; The cherry blossom girl who appears to be at the top of the blogging sphere with over a hundred comments per entry, but it isn't surprising after viewing all the beautiful photography both fashion and others concerning her life on her blog. The images I've chosen, having something I want. I was surprised to find she owned a shop entitled The Urban Collection which are where some of her vintage clothing items are from. I'm off to dip my head back into books, that seem to have no end!

Fairy tales

Source: Bona Drag

I'm still on the hunt for those wide legged wool trousers, but in the mean while, I've currently drifted my mind off to my insufficient number of skirts. I've never really been a skirt wearing person, but recently, well a few years back I started to embrace the wonders and opportunities of wearing skirts. Ironically, one of my closest friends only wore skirts, anyway back to what I was saying, in the quest for finding a skirt to go with everything I was beginning to think no such skirt existed; and proof was of the fact my friend had so many skirts to compliment different looks. However, luckily enough I spotted this amazing wool-like skirt from Bona Drag, which looks a bit too short for my liking, but I love the simplicity and elegance of it! Now, where to find it on the high street. I also really like the dress worn in the first two images, for the same reasons I like the skirt, if only they could defy logic and reason, and end up in front of my door step.

Inspiration Board

photography by Scott Schuman and Toasty

I can already feel myself getting a cold as I type, I've been quite reluctant to slip into the heavy winter gear but I'm being to embrace it, the more regular I keep cold, hence the inspiration board. This board comprises of wool garments, cotton/wool tights, comfy scarfs and jumpers, big bags and preferably wool trousers of course, jeans do nothing in the winter. Me and my friend have been in search for the perfect loose fitted wool trousers, and no luck yet. :/


Everyone has a certain colour they revert to for certain seasons, for me, winter is normally a grey season, but I've branched out and I'm currently drawn to burgundy items. I've never really been one for, busy patterned garments but those trousers in the second top image are amazing; they look really comfortable and she makes them look stylish.