10 things you should know about Steve Aoki:
  1. Devon Aoki, who models, is his younger sister.
  2. He always asks how "old" the food is before he takes a bite. I think you know why looking at the above image. I'm sorry if you were/are eating whilst viewing this.
  3. Aoki reached level 59 in World of Warcraft before he decided that it had to stop
  4. He knows "Warrick" (Garry Dourdan) from CSI
  5. He is one of the best djs in America
  6. He asked a kid to draw a pizza, and Aoki put the design on one of his t-shirts (also a strong believer that everybody likes pizza).
  7. According to Wikipedia (the infinite source of all knowledge) he has two B.A.'s in Women Studies and Sociology.
  8. He would play more ABBA, Village People, Bee Gees etc. if he could
  9.  Aoki moved out to LA to “do this record thing for real.” Today, Dim Mak Records (meaning “Death Touch” in honor of Bruce Lee, Aoki’s childhood hero) houses 50+ bands including Bloc Party, The Kills, Oh No! Oh My!, Dios Malos, and many more. 
  10. It was during the creation of Dim Mak Records that Aoki accidentally fell into DJ-ing, and he hasn’t looked back since.
If you want to know more watch this, informative and slightly funny youtube clip of Aoki being interviewed cribs style, oh I would have added this as 11 and 12, but then it would just ruin the perfect 10 line-up, and I would have to round it up to 15, which I'm sure by 5 you were already bored, anyway Aoki has an infinite collection of vinyls and it says pillowface on his arm because his new album is called Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles, which consists of 17 tracks of remixes, ranging from artists including; bloc party, the mystery jets, justice, the klaxons, yelle and does it offend you, yeah? You can hear one of his songs in my widget on the right-hand side of my blog. 

Source: Google Images

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