Sunday read.

source: styleclicker; TFS; and others (unknown).

If, like me, you're a big fan of Stella McCartney then you should know that the New York Times has written an interesting, in-depth article about her which you can read here.


You can read this inspirational, light-hearted blog post by the Simply Luxurious Life on how to revel in being a woman.

Classic item

The classic short sleeved blazer is feminine, subtle and elegant.

I have a cropped black blazer from Gap that I wore a lot last s/s. I'm surprised that it's really uncommon to see someone wearing one.

I think Coco Chanel started the trend with her jackets - she believed women's wrists were elegant and attractive.


Another person who rocked the Grammys was Adele; who always dresses beautifully. I think she plays it a bit too safe -always wearing dark colours- but I've heard that she wants to be recognised for her music and not her style.

It was never easy - understanding her.

The Olsen twins truly know how to dress for themselves; and they do it so well that you can't help but like everything they wear even when you feel unsure. You can view their fall 2012 collection here.

The first two looks are by zero + maria cornejo. I really like the soft fluorescent green cape (surprisingly!) against the soft grey clothes -I like soft colours.

The bottom, middle look is by Proenza Schouler for Fall 2012. I like the contrast of the white clothing against the heavy, black knee-high boots; and I think the bag feminises (if that's a word) the whole look.

Style tip: own it!

To some, your look may be: too boring; too eccentric; too formal; too casual; or two seasons behind; but if it's what makes you feel good then that counts for far more than what other people may think.

I'm single because I was born that way.

I'm going to be happily single on Valentine's Day!

I'm not one of those women that jump into relationships for the sake of having a boyfriend. I think relationships are emotionally and mentally demanding and therefore never just blissful, so the person who you choose to devote your love and time to should be worthy of every bit of it.

If, like me, you're going to be single on Valentine's Day why not be happy about it rather than feel down. You could: do something that you've been wanting to do for quite a while; buy yourself new underwear that will make you feel like a million dollars/pounds; if you've been on a diet why not indulge in something chocolatey and sweet; buy yourself new nail varnish or make-up; go for a long session in the gym; watch your favourite film with your other single friends; buy yourself new jewellery; or just not care because it's just another (commercial) day in the year.

Something to look forward to.

I'm completely in love with Jason Wu's s/s collection and the beautiful images taken by From Me To You fashion tumblr. The looks celebrate elegance and feminine beauty with their delicate detail and soft statement pieces. I had a peek at Sandro's s/s collection and the above look really stood out for me but can you tell why? I like the back part of course. It turns the what-could-be a plain and dull dress into a dress that states: 'I want to remain refined and yet be elegant'.

This song is beautiful: Lhasa de Sela - Love Came Here.

The Woman.

The woman: men don't know why they want to devote all their time to understanding her; boys don't know why she intimidates them; and girls don't know why they don't get the same kind of attention she gets from men.

So seductive.

The blog post title is particularly in reference to the bottom two images. You should look at the bottom two images whilst listening to this. ;)

There is snow everywhere and I went outside wearing a skirt (with tights of course!) and a jumper -snow brings out my child-like side.

If you want to laugh over something short and pointless you have to watch Ken's dating tips (Ken being Barbie's admirer: yes, the Ken doll).

Some women have...

I do like the finer things in life but I could never take them for granted.

A bag equivalent to the price of a house is ridiculous!


Brad Pitt uttered those very words and said that peace is what we should be striving for.
My view is that happiness is a fleeting emotion that is over-glorified. Call me a cynic but this over-glorified emotion works wonders for consumerism. On the right-hand side of my blog I've added a beautiful quote by Arthur Schopenhauer who, according to Alain De Botton, is one of the greatest pessimists in the history of philosophy. I think the quote helps bring a sense of clarity (or reality) to the fashion element of my blog.
I'll now leave you to ponder on Brad Pitt's words and absorb Schopenhauer's words.

How to look chic in one look.

The perfect look: a navy blue blazer and a gold metallic skirt.

There was no denying it: the man was en vogue.

I really like this collection by Wooyoungmi. The orange trousers with the blue jumper is a great look! It's not the first collection that has made me want orange trousers.

The woman in the black and white picture is Jean Shrimpton.