Chanel No.5

Has anyone else seen the beautiful advert for Chanel No.5 featuring Audrey Tatutou? It's beautifully shot and directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet. It's similar to other Chanel ads in the sense that it has a romantic, beautiful story line to it. You can watch it on YouTube, HERE. I love the fact it's summery and bright because that is of huge contrast to where I am at the moment. 

Jean Seberg

Source: Starbucks and Jane Austen

This is an old editorial spread in homage to Jean Seberg; I've only ever seen one of the images in this spread, so all the images apart from one are new to me. I'm a big Jean Seberg fan, I was going to do a post about her a while back but didn't really find many images; the top row are images I found that consist of Jean Seberg.

Gray Wolf

Source: ?

I watched New Moon, I think it was a huge improvement from the previous film, partly because there was more action scenes. I've never really liked the books, so I never expected to like the films either; which explains why I've got many criticisms about the film, for instance, why do people flinch or Bella care about Edward getting hurt when he can't even kill himself; his indestructible. Anyway, I do try and remind myself it is a teen romance novel, nothing serious; the funniest thing about the film was how much every male actor appeared to have jumped out from a Calvin Klein ad, much to the benefit of the female filled audience.

Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller

Source: Twenty8Twelve

The aw 09 images above, and the lookbook images consist of Sienna Miller. The collection focuses on elegance and sophistication mixed with rock and chic. It's not very exciting or original but I do like how they've kept the mixture subtle, making the balance perfect in every look. For instance, the use of leather golves but with a ballerina style tie up  on the hand of the glove, or the 80s' power woman padded shoulders but with the addition of glittery sequins. I didn't know Twenty8Twelve's designer was Sienna Miller's sister, Savannah; but I do know Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof went to see this collection.

Coming Soon...

I couldn't believe it when I first read it, but McDonald's has it's own cafés and plans to expand them in 1,200 locations across Europe, in it's attempt to overtake Starbucks! According to The Guardian, McCafés do not yet exist in the UK, but customers looking to buy pastries and McCappuccinos in Canada, Germany or Australia are already well acquainted with them. Has McDonald's got no limits? It started with a few "restaurants," now cafés, I dread to think what else will be branded "Mc..." funnily enough my economics teacher used to ramble on about how one day the world would come to it's senses and we will end up seeing the demise of the fast food chain but I don't somehow see his idea taking form as of yet.

Happiness is Summer

First Impressions

Ok, now to explain the above images...                   

...simply divine; from the colours, size, shape and texture. They all vary from different sources such as the light pink jumper is from Margaret Howell's a/w 09 line and the burgundy shoe boots are from Minimarket. I know at the moment I can't afford 3/4 of the above images, but I do like to use it as an inspirational mood board of what to look out for on the high street If possible. If you would like to know where any of the other items are from feel free to ask and you shall receive. If you're in the UK, Gap have a 30% discount on all items in store which I used to purchase a black simple dress and H&M have a 20% discount on all their winter coats, both discounts expire on the 29th November 2009.

Pringle of Scotland

Source: Pringle of Scotland

I would have to say this label is like the modern version of Margaret Howell. Pringle of Scotland always maintains a high degree of loyalty to the ideology that women should be dressed with a degree of modesty, sophistication and class; and I like that idea. What Pringle simply do is add some fun and fashion into that element; whilst putting two fingers up to the stereotypical view that a woman dressed with all three elements should be either boring, uninteresting or old.

Grunge Revival

coute que coute Publication: Rolling Stone Italia, Photography Alessandro Dal Buoni

I'm a big fan of Jethro Cave; mainly because his grunge look seems genuine. When his modeling he actually makes the clothes appear to have been made for him; he sells them to perfection. If I was a guy I would definitely be contemplating a major DIY attempt to a blazer in the pathetic hope I could have the grungy, born cool look that Jethro Cave always appears to be oozing. May be in another dimension. 


I'm on the hunt for the perfect small clutch size and big bag, as mentioned in my previous post. How better to start this hunt by browsing through a few street style images to get inspiration on the perfect small and big bag. My top priority is that the bag can be used for formal and casual situations; I'm definitely liking all the bags above.


I think the above looks are a great summary of the a/w 09 line for women at the high-end high street labels. The big furry coat with a belt around for femininity, the top tucked into trousers for the formal yet sociable look and the masculinity of a tailored coat/blazer contrasting with heels. I'm sorry, but I've already been sold by all the above looks, so I would do a post about them. I'm currently in search for the perfect formal bag and clutch bag, I really like the clutch bag in the top right hand image, or you can view it here.


Source: hoyfashion

More streetstyle images of coats; I actually have a trench coat very similar to the one above but I rarely wear it. I've been seeing quite a lot of people in Gap's flat ankle boots, and they do honestly look good with anything; they may be replacing brouges.

Delicate Sentiments

I really like Allsaints lookbook images; they take lookbook images to another level. You can truly tell they're a label that won't compromise on their integrity and image to gain potential customers; but I guess, alongside their innovative, unique garments Allsaints has distinguished its market and unique selling point through a lookbook that could easily be mistaken for photography with no hidden agenda. The images are so dreamy and beautiful.


The above images are taken from Zara's a/w lookbook and the second image is from their November 09 lookbook. All the above images are my favourite looks; at the moment I'm really into the feminine mixed with the masculine, edgy look, hence the strong statement blazers and biker jacket alongside amazing black heels and/or a silk light shirt. I have to admit, I'm really contemplating buying that silk blouse in the third image, with the biker jacket on top, I saw it today and I feel in love with it. I can see Kate Moss pulling off most of these looks!


Source: Copenhagen Street Style

Their coats, large bags and shoes...I want, please! It sometimes annoys me how some people make certain garments look simple to pull off. If I saw their coats in a shop I would never give them a second glance simple because I know I wouldn't know how to do them justice, because they always look so thick, heavy and big in the shop and I'll just end up looking like I'm being eaten alive by my coat. Oh, and I've never been a coat person, I'm more of a forget the long heavy zip up or wrap around coat just grab the nearest jumper or jacket and get out the door sort of person but it doesn't stop me admiring those who work them to perfection.

1950s ♥ Paris

Photographer: Robert Doisneau

Anja Rubik and Chloë Sevigny

I really like how fun and old the images appear to be, yet the colours and vibrancy make it feel contemporary.

Underneath It All

The above images perfectly illustrate my infatuation with blazers; how they contrast beautifully with the casual, ragged look which I think looks equally cool on guys. I partly think the contrast works perfectly because there is a solid, almost masculine like body structure that a blazer creates, for instance the first image, making her silhouette less feminine but in order to add a wow factor that she pulls it off in a subtle manner, and clearly marks her out as different. I also really like that awkward, singular girly plait in the second and third image.

Turning Into Dust

Source: ilove80

This is taken from Jalouse February 2008 and is entitled Magic Mystery Tour. I love everything abut it; the colours, the atmosphere in the images and how everything from the styling to the background perfectly work together.


Layering and wearing all black are back; my favourite all black looks so far are from Agyness Deyn and blogger, Amlul. The cropped jumper Amlul is wearing is from Cos, and I've seen it in person and it is amazingly thick and heavy, though I only saw a pink version. I couldn't stop touching it! I don't think black hair suits Agyness, the above two looks are the only looks I've thought her hair complimented well with her look.


Source: Sofie

So true, yet so fun!


I'm definitely more of a Kate Moss fan when she's dressed casual for non social events. I do think she looks good dressed up but I think you get a real sense of her style when she's more candid and out and about, you also get to see how she reinterprets her day-to-day job of being a model when doing unglamorous mundane tasks. Does anyone like Jamie Hince? I find him odd, he sometimes comes across as an old man who wants to be a rebel eighteen year old, in a rock band trying to make it as big as The Beatles.

Lost Happiness

Source: On The Corner

I have to personally say I like the first look more, simple because I think the jeans in the second look are unflattering to the extent that they highlight her presumably vintage penny loafers as being granny shoes. Though what I like about both looks is how they mix their clothing/shoes with contemporary garments, clearly highlighting they have style and they're not afraid to hide it.


Source: On The Corner

I think this photo is amazing, and would you believe me If I told you it was taken in the 21st century as a street style image? Its true! The woman in the image reminds me of so many iconic 60s French woman. Vintage to perfection; she looks like you could have taken her from the 60s, particular as she makes her look seem natural and unprepared as many vintagees tend to look.

ForgIve HIm HIs SIns

1: Unknown;  2, 3: Yes Please Mademoiselle; 4: Vanessa Jackman

I haven't been to any gigs in the past few months, it's heart achingly painful thinking about it. Music makes up nearly every fiber of me but it does have its down sides, for instance when I'm cash strapped and need to see a particular artist or when I have no one to go see them with and it's their last UK tour. There are no decent bands/artists known to me, touring around my area at the moment, so I have to rely on YouTube and iTunes to provide the necessary drugs. I'm currently overly self indulgent in:

Albert Hammond Jr. - GFC, Everyone Gets A Star, In Transit (video features The Strokes).

Jamie Cullum - High and Dry (Radiohead cover).

Eels - My Beloved Monster (the lyrics are so adorable). 

The Dodos - Winter (listening to my iTunes, I had to add this song).

Peggy Sue - Lazarus, Eisenstein (a great band live; formerly known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates).

What songs/artists are you self indulgent in at the moment?


I don't know what part of the world most my followers are from; but in the Uk particularly the East Midlands, it has got considerably colder than it has been the past few weeks, which is a bonus for Philip Green, Topshop owner, who was complaining that sales weren't growing due to the weather being warmer than it normally is. This also annoyed me, because I was looking forward to wearing my somewhat thick scarf and also preparing for the moment I had to whine about having to buy gloves I'm just going to lose anyway. I can now officially start winter living, and what a great way to start that than the perfect street style look; incorporating those amazing somewhat opaque tights with hearts/dots everyones been raving about, something velvet and for once not a dress and a huge snuggle scarf!

I know I don't say this too often but have a great weekend!

Formal Attire

Is it me or does every woman, at least once in her life dream of going to a black tie party?

Remember, Remember...

I really like the image of Noreen Camody with the 60s look, it reminds of the early work of Sam Haskins, who is also the photographer of the Last Shadow Puppets album The Age Of  The Understatement, anyway the first image is my rework of the original photograph of Noreen Camody, who in the candid image of herself looks like a folk musician, that may be because Laura Marling springs to mind.

I constructed the rework simply out of curosity and an inspired idea in my mind from a highly regarded art piece; and I actually like my spontaneous three minute vandalism of a master piece. Though, give it a few days and I'll be questioning why I posted it; I'm sorry it's a bad habit I have.


I love this editorial spread from Lula magazine, issue 6. The photographer is Romeo Mori and the amazing model is Elsa Hosk. I was first drawn to this spread by the first image with the beautiful ribbon in Hosk's hair, and felt obligated to find out where it was from and how the rest of the spread looked like. It also perfectly links on from my previous post about having an infatuation with big hair. In the last image her pose reminds me of Kate Moss.