You used to be so pretty but now you're just tragic.

I want to find the perfect romper/playsuit/jumpsuit (which ever term you use).

I love Samantha Pleet's rendition of the garment in her s/s 2010 collection I posted here.

I just want something for nothing...

Leather shorts look cool with anything; I also want to create a DIY worn out t-shirt with the above quote written on in a messy way.

Fashiontoast blogger, Rumi, has the coolest unique style from a blogger that I've ever seen, and I think it's because of how perfectly she coordinates her clothes to suit her body frame. The only thing I wish she attempted more of is dressing for cold climates, which she has done but her looks have consisted of an oversized coat and an enviable pair of heels.

The two looks on either side of Rumi are from Twenty-Seven Names's a/w 10 collection; I now want a sleeveless shirt. I think both of the looks could be done in a British s/s climate as long as it's not on one of those random heat-wave days.

My other black/white summer inspiration here.

I want to do what you do so well.

I Had to do a quick post on this look... is quite inspiring as far as summer looks are concerned; it's actually simple and basic (no jewellery), modest, light and airy which makes this look perfect.

I don't think I would have picked this dress off a clothing rack.

I'm so easy to please...! :)

I'm still here..

(1) Turned Out, (2) Jak & Jil and (3) unknown

...Two weeks went past fast, I've got a few blogs to catch up on (can't wait).

Exams are really emotionally and mentally draining especially when you have five crammed into two weeks...

...I'm off to catch up on a few (actually, a lot) hours of sleep that I've been deprived of after a few blog browsing.

Thank-you for the good luck comments!

Wake up, it's a beautiful day.

(1) Unknown; (2) Mr. Newton; (3) Vanessa Jackman; (4) Scott Schuman

I've purposely been avoiding posting autumn winter 2010 looks, purely because I've still got the mind of a common person in the sense that I still can't understand why the fashion industry is one season ahead of everyone else it's like they live in a different time zone to us.

Love it or hate it summer is all about flesh and getting the proportion right is key. I'm not naturally a flesh revealing person but it does feel great not having to wear layers of clothing.

The first look is from Margaret Howell's summer lookbook which I really like; I also like the other images in this post, they perfectly encapsulate my ideology of summer.

I won't be posting anything in the next two weeks I have exams! :/

I look forward to being reunited with you all after the next two weeks...keep inspired!

My previous posts on this summers main inspiration on me: here, here and here. :)

My favourite new song: The xx - Islands

I am yours now, so now I don't ever have to leave.

Those who've been following my blog for a while will now either be annoyed or enjoy my repetition of sophistication, clutch bags mixed with a casual/lounge around look -I love the look.

I will go on a serious clutch bag hunt once I end uni for the term; I've already got a fold one like the bag pictured under MK Olsen, I love her bag and look.

Random note...I want leather shorts!

"you drink too much makes me drink just the same." - The Strokes

Mon amour, tu es à moi.

source: google, zimbo and LFW

Translation: My love, you are mine.

Sorry for the double post but I have to post this overdue amazing post:

As you may be aware menswear equally influences my style as does womenswear (obviously)

I love the colours in Massey's a/w collection and the looks; the bottom row of images are my favourite. The image to the very right with the jumpsuit, I would wear with heels and I would roll the sleeves up or wear a big woolly jumper or jacket over it to create a layered effect -the possibilities are endless.

View entire collection here.

Hope is the dream of a soul awake.

(1) Turned Out; (2) Man About Town; (3) real life is elsewhere; (4) Mr. Newton

I Love, love the above looks; quite Parisian and summer.

"Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts." - Serge Gainsbourg

I can't take my mind off you

Source: 01 Magazine

I can't take my mind...

My mind...

My mind...

'Til I find somebody new


(1,2 & 4); (3 & 5)Grady college

Here's a post I did a while back and I enjoyed doing:

Sound of Music meets Louis Vuitton, or Louis Vuitton meets Sound of Music?

Either way I love the combination and I think Marc Jacobs has done an amazing job in this years autumn winter collection for LV. Jacobs explains how his inspiration was going back to the era when women could still be beautiful and lady-like whilst showing off their figures in a dress.

After doing this post I now want to watch the film and dress like I could be in the Sound of Music.

View entire collection here.

don't forget me when you turn platnium

click image for source

Kate Moss's shorts look exactly like the shorts I bought and posted here.

I was quite picky when it came to finding the perfect shorts, I knew what I wanted in my head.

Nail biting parliamentary result night yesterday, I'm really disappointed for the Lib Dems or the yellow team as me and my friends have been calling them.

I ½ love you and I ½ want to be you

"art is something discovered from your own real nature." - A.Ginsberg

Floral blouse/shirt, yes please.

I said I wouldn't do florals this summer but the above image makes me want to do otherwise.

What else is there?

It's not a secret now, I have a slight love of anything motorcycle related though it has to have a good engine which you get mostly with old/vintage motorcycles.

I can't bring myself to remove the above images from my laptop; they are amazing particularly in their larger original form.

You holler, you scream.

(1)Hanneli (2)fashionising (3) Lettresalou (4) unknown

I can't sleep because I'm in one of those crappy emotional moods so I've decided to be productive and remove documents and images from my laptop. It's turned out to be less tedious than I thought, particular when stumbling across a few gems that I'm contemplating to keep.

Why bother when...

I keep telling myself that, but it only makes me want him more...

...and he knows it, so he innoccently toys with my heart until I accept his desires...

Boy: What If I say I'm not like the others, what if I say I will never surrender?

Girl: Pain or no pain is a solitary gain I don't want to endure.


(1) myPetsQuare, (2) jak & jil (3-4) own.

My Zara coat which I mentioned in a previous post; it looks a lot better in real life.

My sister's silk scarf, which is vintage, that I borrowed months ago and have yet to return.

The dream must stay alive

Long jumper/blouse over a skirt; I can't explain how much I love this look.

The first two amazing images are from the wonderful s/s collection of Cacharel.

The image on the bottom left is an image that has been saved on my laptop for ages from a Russian magazine. The image on the right has always been one of my favourite looks by Gala.

The great secret is no secret

Love the images particularly their coats/jacket.

The girl on the right reminds me of The Brady Bunch.