Filling the Void

The folowing shoes are categorised in my head as heavenly impossible to find wedge boots; the Carin Wester shoes I did a recent post on, Chloe ankle boots Sam Edelman boots, Rick Owens ankle boots pictured above, and I'm sure you are already aware of Gareth Pugh's shoes, if not you should hang your head in shame, those shoes are one of a few shoes that constantly run through my mind when I think of shoes. Now the hard part, does anyone know where to find them? Or similar shoes? I'm always lucky enough to find the store where they sell them at and then find their sold out! Anyone want to share their luck?

Just before I went into my women's shoe frenzy internet attack, I inhaled a lot of air and decided to calm down, then a rather bizarre thought came to my head and I wondered if there were any men who have shoe frenzy internet attacks, and then I thought no, as you would, until I stumbled across blogger Mr. Hare, whose blogger caters to those in need of mens fashionable shoes. It is a wonderfully crafted hilarious blog and I would advise you to check it out, regardless of gender, because like me, I learnt my shoe frenzy varies across gender. The first four images are from his website, and I was drawn to their uniqueness, colours and the 'man about town' look.  

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