With Hearts In Mind

The name of this entry is the name of the designers, they are all new items in Bonadrag, one of my favourite online boutiques. I think the inspiration for this line was Jane Birkin without a doubt. 

1. handmade lace crop top - $85
Beautiful and elegant but I can't see myself pulling it off, it would be a cool beach wear item.

2. fishtail skirt - $120
The skirt can be worn super high or folded down. I'm not a huge fan of fishtail skirts, they make people look like Morticia from the Adam's Family. However, the above skirt has swayed my view, and I'm in love with the skirt, both models look amazing in it.

3. Bell sleeve handmade mini dress - $130
 I'm still skeptical about the sleeves but it is beautiful. I wasn't really sure about the dress when I first saw the black version but I can't stop staring at the rose print one. The jersey fabric makes it look a bit like PJs, but do I love it less? No, it looks comfy! I can see Alexa Chung working this mini dress to perfection, just look at her in a Barbara Hulanicki dress.


Anna said...

I really like the cropped lace top over a long dress, it is very pretty:D

elisabeth said...

i am in L.O.V.E. with this label and if i hadn't just spent all my money already the lace up dress they do and that bell sleeve dress would SO be mine!
actually, im going to try and ind a pattern for that dress, it looks like simple to DIY maybe with some gorgeous vintage material?hmmmmm

oriwa said...

wow what an exquisite collection of items!

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