First time I've been tagged in ages, and it feels a lot better than it did in primary school. 
I was tagged by Elizabeth from thrills and frills, one of a handful of loyal readers, since my blog is new, 
but thank-you so much!! 

Seven things I love:
1. When my iPod is set to shuffle and a song coincidently captures my mood.
2. Watching my sister sing and play her guitar on stage, and hopefully with her band soon.
3. Watching and listening to the rain hit against my window, somehow it's soothing.
4. Drinking tea, consuming something delicious whilst reading the Guardian, I know it's sad!
5. Exploring places; it's something that should get me into more trouble than it actually does.
6. Finding happiness in the most unusual places, from the most unusual people at usual times.
7. That feeling when you finish all you exams, and have the whole world in front of you to roam.

I have decided to tag Fashion Burst.

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