Make me a supermodel

"A top model has exposed the exploitation and sleaze behind the industry's glamorous façade in a homemade documentary that is proving to be the unexpected hit of this year's film festivals.

 In an exclusive interview for Observer Woman magazine, 27-year-old catwalk model Sara Ziff (pictured to the left) revealed how what started out as a video diary of her burgeoning career in front of the cameras by her boyfriend, a film student, swiftly turned into a far darker exposé of the sordid underbelly of the modelling profession."

I read this article in the Observer Woman Magazine and it was horrifically sad, how girls as young as 14 are being abused physically and mentally by photographers to pose sexually when most of them don't even know what it means to pose sexually; or being sexually assaulted by photographers who are more powerful than them, through their prestigious status in the fashion world. I think some of the anecdotes spoke in the article are just a light blow to the mind about the illicit world of fashion, and I'm sure more shocking behaviour goes on behind closed doors. I really want to watch the documentary, you can watch the trailer here. I won't be able to look at another editorial or model the same way for quite a while now.


elisabeth said...

eek!i dont know if i want to watch it now :S raises good points about how young these girls are though, the more is openly said about all this the better!

rackkandruin said...

dude, i remember loving Sara in old old issues of Seventeen Magazine. . . good for her. can't wait to see the documentary