Jil Sander

What to say?! Can I just focus your gaze to the unexplainable elegance, quality and fine detail of the mens shirts for Jil Sander's spring/summer 2010 catwalk, the above images are four of my favourite looks. I really can't stop admiring the first and third images, and check out the artistic design on the trousers in the second image! If I was a man, I would definitely pay the mind boggling price for Jil Sander's summer line, because it won't be just the quality you would paying for but also the visible hand made artistic expression on the clothing. I also have to admit the mens shoes for this line are very cool; simple yet masculine, and not pointy (which I loathe). Thanks Mike, for mentioning this line to me amongst others! You've been rewarded with a gold invisible friendship star, that's more priceless than it's physical element.

Source: fashionising

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