The first DIY is a blogger who loves Luella so much that she copied the Luella dress worn by Alexa Chung and created her own similar verison with a dress that had long sleeves and was long in length. I like to see people attempt designer clothing items.

How amazing is the DIY bag done above by blogger rackkandruin very cool!

The bottom right image is a DIY piece I found on eBay. The ebayer who is selling it for  £12.50, has done a good job and she should be applauded, but somehow it just doesn't match up to the real thing. I probably would have liked her DIY work more if I had never seen Alexander Wang's actual jumper.


rackkandruin said...

Thanks for posting about my DIY! it was so easy to do and i love the bag way more now! great blog! xx molly

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks for including my Luella knock off too! It was some work but I love it to bits! Always nice to find another great blog too : )
Ella x