The Fever

Once my exams finish I will be taking my own pictures, but for the mean time. Look what I found on ebay, I purchased the dress, it's Mulberry and remember I made a post about wanting a long dress? here, I plan to let the dress act as a silhouette. In the process of stumbling 
across the beauty I found this Prada bag, it's equally beautiful but my one big fear is to look 'scene' with it, as every indie cindy (no offence) now has one. Lauren Conrad from The Hills was the first person I saw with it, but the Chanel version. I think I'll wait till the fascination dies down, but the above bag is the first of it's kind that has made me want to join the band wagon.

Shock, horror and laughter. I've just found out that Lauren Conrad has a clothing line, that adds her to the hills list with Whitney, who I mentioned very early on in my blog, here. I have to say it's an improvement from Whitney but neither good or bad, you can check out the line, here, with quite a few on the sale rack.

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